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‘Seabeard’ from HandCircus and Backflilp Sets Sail Worldwide Next Week

HandCircus has just announced that their hotly-anticipated next game, Seabeard, is rolling out worldwide next Thursday, December 11th. They’ve done so on our forum thread which has been chatting about the soft launch for the last few weeks now. Players have been giving feedback and already some changes and tweaks have come to the game which will be implemented in the worldwide release, as well as down the road. The sailing minigame is easier, for example, item trading is more expansive and made easier to tell who’s selling items.

The worldwide release will boast some new content as well for those who have jumped in already. New themes are going to be availalbe, including a “Yuletide" theme, just in time for Christmas, bringing new costumes, decorations, and themed zones on the home island. A selfie machine has been added, because it’s 2014 and there is always time for video game character selfies. If you’re not aware of Seabeard, get excited – the game is from the developers of the top-notch Rolando series that rocked iOS back in the early days of the App Store. We have an extensive preview of the soft-launch version as well. Get excited, folks.