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Rolocule Games Aims to Bring Wii-Like Motion Gaming to the Apple TV with 'Motion Tennis'

The Apple TV ecosystem is a curious one to watch, as when you think about it- All the ingredients really are there for a potentially killer video game console experience, but no one has really put them together yet due to various stopping points like AirPlay lag, Apple's refusal to allow third party apps to run on the Apple TV, and other obstacles. Well, Rolocule Games is making an effort to play inside of the rules set by Apple to bring a Wii-Like motion gaming experience to the Apple TV via Motion Tennis. Check it out:..

One of the many features that set Twitter ablaze with the announcement of iOS 5 back at WWDC was AirPlay mirroring. AirPlay had already been around for a while, and in its initial form allowed iOS devices to steam video to an Apple TV or audio to an Airport Express. Mirroring, as the name implies, mirrors the current display of your device on whatever video display you've got your Apple TV plugged into. Crafty developers have even figured out how to output a different image than the one that's being displayed on your iOS device, which is really cool in action...

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