SMG Brings ‘One More Jump: Big Screen Edition’ to Apple TV

If you’ve got an Apple TV and have wanted to check out SMG’s One More Jump [appprice url="asdf"] on it, then good news: One More Jump: Big Screen Edition is now available on Apple TV, as a one-time purchase similar to the Apple TV version of Thumb Drift. No IAP because of the Apple TV means that many of the customizations can be obtained with greater ease, and the one-button gameplay is perfect for the Apple TV remote.


One More Jump does a good job at combining the difficult platforming of the “Impossible" genre of games inspired by The Impossible Game ($0.99) and Geometry Dash ($1.99), with a friendlier entry-level curve of difficulty. Also, there’s daily endless levels, and some absurdly difficult challenge levels to check out. If you like the game on your iPhone or iPad, then the Apple TV version is well worth checking out as well.