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The Settlers is a real time strategy (RTS) gaming series that has evolved quite a bit over the past two decades. Gameloft’s The Settlers as a standalone game brings a slightly different take on RTS to the iPhone/iPod Touch platform that for the most part delivers, but also bringing a few frustrations along the way including the omission of a freeplay mode. Ultimately, The Settlers is a solid experience and good introduction for newcomers to the series. ..

'Asphalt 5' - A Fast and Fun Arcade Racer

'Asphalt 5' - A Fast and Fun Arcade Racer

November 3rd, 2009 6:02 AM EST by Big Albie in $6.99, 4.5 stars, iPhone games, iPod touch games, Racing, Reviews

In the debate of the best racers on the iPhone platform, titles such as Real Racing and Need for Speed: Undercover are likely to come up. You may want to add one more to the debate — Gameloft’s newly released Asphalt 5 is simply an adrenaline rush in your pocket. On the fun meter, Asphalt 5 definitely delivers with strong sense of speed. But, while the game delivers a solid overall racing experience with a good amount of content and responsive controls, the graphics and animation do keep it a notch below the others. ..

'NBA Live' Shoots and Scores

October 26th, 2009 1:39 AM EST by Big Albie in 3.5 stars, iPhone games, iPod touch games, Reviews

EA should be commended for its efforts to bring full-fledged sports games such as Madden 10 and FIFA 10 to the iPhone/iPod Touch platform. While they haven’t been perfect, they certainly have elevated the playing field for competitors. The latest addition is targeted at the basketball aficionados with NBA Live 10, which is probably the best of the bunch with balanced AI, easy-to-use controls, and most importantly, engaging gameplay. While those looking for a true console-quality experience should stick to your PC, PSP or XBox, those simply looking for a high-quality basketball game on the iPhone platform should strongly consider NBA Live 10...

'Wriggle' - A Squirmy Brain Teaser

October 23rd, 2009 3:58 PM EST by Big Albie in $0.99, 3.5 stars, Free, iPhone games, iPod touch games, Reviews

I’m always on the lookout for new twists on puzzles. Sometimes these new twists or elements work and often times, they don’t. Besides the degree of fun which is highly subjective, the ideas that generally work and succeed are the ones that add complexity without complicating the game. When I first started playing Wriggle, I was lured in by the fun looking graphics, but what’s kept me playing is the mind benders that at first glance look simple enough. As you play with Wriggle, it becomes a test of logic all presented in a lighthearted package...

'Tap Fu' - A Casual Beat 'Em Up

October 17th, 2009 2:48 PM EST by Big Albie in $3.99, 3 stars, Fighting, iPhone games, iPod touch games, Reviews

Tap Fu offers a fun casual fighting game that can be played in short spurts or in more prolonged sessions when you’re looking for a little more action. While it isn’t a particularly deep game, Tap Fu provides an enjoyable enough gameplay experience that makes it worth considering...

EA's FIFA franchise carries a 16 year history of creating a sim-like soccer experience on various console and computer systems. This, of course, has led to somewhat lofty expectations for the iPhone/iPod Touch version which is a bit of a mixed bag...

'Super KO Boxing 2' is A Knock Out

October 1st, 2009 5:28 AM EST by Big Albie in $4.99, 4 stars, iPhone games, iPod touch games, Reviews, Sports

Glu Mobile's latest release Super K.O. Boxing 2 is a terrific new game that is as intense as it is fun. With its vibrantly colored cartoon animations, Super K.O. Boxing 2 delivers the heavy hitting gameplay that many have been waiting for...

The best way to think of Game Resort's Castle Warriors is as a hybrid that takes the visuals of ngmoco’s Star Defense and blends it with the real-time strategy of Phil Hassey’s Galcon. And, that’s how you get this entertaining and immersive offspring...

Vogster Entertainment's Robocalypse delivers a military strategy game wrapped up in a Saturday morning cartoon. Ported from the Nintendo DS, Robocalypse takes advantage of the touch controls on the iPhone/iPod Touch platform to provide a humorous and engaging experience. While the production values are obvious from the gameplay screen shots, what is really done well is the story and how it’s presented. In Robocalypse, you must defend the world from the evil Demolisher robot and his army of henchmen with your own army of robots. ..

Showtime's 'Dexter' Hits the iPhone Screen

September 14th, 2009 4:12 AM EST by Big Albie in $5.99, 3.5 stars, Adventure, iPhone games, iPod touch games, Reviews

For those who haven’t closely followed Showtime’s Dexter, the series is based on novels written by Jeff Lindsay. I remember reading his first book “Darkly Dreaming Dexter” years ago, and the intelligent, yet macabre storyline has kept me reading the novels and watching the show. ..

Samurai: Way of the Warrior [$2.99] is simply one of the most original and entertaining iPhone hack-and-slash games to date...

Success Story is a very nice time management game which challenges you to run various fast food joints...

PC, Mac, and iPhone developer MythPeople recently released their second match-3 game into the App Store with Dragon Portals. The follow up to the well received Azkend puzzler certainly meets and exceeds the quality we’ve come to expect from MythPeople when it comes to eye-catching visuals. ..

Dot Matrix Interactive Design's KIL.A.TON is a first-rate artillery game with a well-implemented twist — simultaneous battles. This means more intense battles where enemy tanks shoot when you shoot ratcheting up the game in terms of strategy and intensity. And if that doesn’t interest you, the amount of in-game content and online multiplayer play may...

Timeloop is a surprisingly fresh puzzler with a unique twist presented with a fun art style that will keep you playing and wishing for more levels. ..