Wow, so this turned in to one hell of a night of game releases. Also, to make this post even more filled with awesome, I'm also including some random games that snuck out earlier this week that we haven't gotten a chance to officially announce their availability yet. Hopefully your iTunes account is loaded with funds, your credit card is primed, and you're ready to roll on some of tonight's releases.

A Ride Into The Mountains

iTunes Description:

The relic in the mountain was invaded by an evil force and darkness begin to spread. A brave young man, who rides into the mountains will battle against the mystical demons with his family’s unique archery skills.

Forum Thread: A Ride into the Mountains [Universal]

Asterix: MegaSlap

iTunes Description:

Travel through the most symbolic countries from the adventures of Asterix, from the Gaul village to Egypt via the Compendium Roman camp, Lutetia and, of course, Rome…and not forgetting the pirates, by Jove!

Forum Thread: Asterix: MegaSlap - (by Bulkypix) [Universal]

Battle Rush

iTunes Description:

Battle Rush is an incredible combination of ENDLESS RUNNER and real time PLAYER VERSUS PLAYER BATTLES!!

Forum Thread: Battle Rush - (by Esquilax Games) [Universal]

Beemo - Adventure Time

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iTunes Description:

Can you beat Beemo at his own game? Play Adventure Time games with Beemo. Outkick Lincoln in a football punting competition in Pro Football 1861.

Forum Thread: Beemo - Adventure Time - (by Cartoon Network) [Universal]


iTunes Description:

Blastronaut is an epic 2d platform game complete with 32 incredible levels, 4 unique worlds and a cast of challenging enemies.

Forum Thread: Blastronaut - (by CoconutIslandApps)

Blitz Block Robo

iTunes Description:

Blitz Block Robo is an action puzzle game with a fresh new take on the typical match puzzler. Simple, yet challenging, control the game grid by sliding blocks, matching colors of any amount to earn points or chain together with special blocks for massive combos.

Forum Thread: Blitz Block Robo - (by Nexus Game Studio) [Universal]


Mzl vultwvnj 640x960 75Mzl dfukloow 640x960 75

iTunes Description:

Enjoy going back to the good old days of your favorite handheld. The classic pentamino puzzle in its 2bit pixel glory with great buttons and chiptune music & effects

Forum Thread: BlockBoy by EO Games [Universal]


First Look: 'Bloodmasque' is an Amazing Photo Importing Game with Some Vampire Fighting Stuff Too

Once you've got your character all set, the actual game part of Bloodmasque begins. The gameplay is sort of an Infinity Blade style of fighting, mixed with Square Enix style RPG battling. Honestly, it's not bad. It uses tapping instead of swipe gestures for the main combat, and swipes to dodge attacks and counterattack against your opponent. You'll slowly fill up a special meter as you battle that can unleash your "dormant vampire blood" into a crazy powerful super move, and you also have some AI party members who help you out in battle.

Forum Thread: BLOODMASQUE (by SQUARE ENIX) [Universal]


Mzl nrxxvkpl 640x960 75

iTunes Description:

Classic early 80's style arcade space shooter, with a laid back vibe and easy, smooth controls. Just chillax and shoot some aliens for a while.

Forum Thread: Chillaxian (by Madgarden) [Universal]

Dare Devil Devlin


iTunes Description:

Introducing the newest, the most rad and awesomesaucest bike game ever to grace the App Store, Daredevil Devlin. Meet Devlin, a wooden doll that wants to be recognized as one of the elite Daredevils. Survive tons of exciting and challenging levels. With tough puzzles and obstacles. Think your way through the levels. Solve how to finish each level the best way possible without killing yourself up. Simply, a game with an attitude.

Forum Thread: Dare Devil Devlin - (by Captive Games) [Universal]

Delta-V Racing

First Look: 'Delta-V Racing' is a Combat-focused Racer that Feels Right at Home on the Touchscreen

Spacehopper has distilled the fun and chaos of combat-focused racing games like Mario Kart and Wipeout into a 2D side-scrolling affair that works tremendously well on the touchscreen.

Forum Thread: Delta-V Racing - (by SPACEHOPPER STUDIOS LTD) [Universal]

Dreamscapes: The Sandman Collector's Edition

Mzl hlasmoej 640x960 75

iTunes Description:

Dreamscapes: The Sandman Collector's Edition, a nerve-wracking hidden object adventure, is now available on iPhone!

Forum Thread: Dreamscapes: The Sandman Collector's Edition is now on iPhone!

League of Mages

Mzl ipzpghnp 480x480 75

First Look: 'League of Mages' Brings Wizard Duels to the App Store

Spacehopper has distilled the fun and chaos of combat-focused racing games like Mario Kart and Wipeout into a 2D side-scrolling affair that works tremendously well on the touchscreen.

Forum Thread: League of Mages - (by SMS Services O.o.o.) [Universal]


iTunes Description:

The Vampires invaded Lums world. The only way to stop them is to destroy their hideouts in the shadows and expose them to the light.

Forum Thread: Lums (+ Free Version) by Hyperbolic Magnetism

Pocket Mine (Note: Soft launch in New Zealand only for now.)

iTunes Description:

It’s mine o’clock, time to dig! Tap the blocks to delve deeper and deeper in your Pocket Mine. Find treasure chests, rare artifacts and trigger explosive chain reactions!

Forum Thread: Pocket Mine - (by Roofdog Games) [Universal]
New Zealand App Store Link: Pocket Mine, Free (Universal)

Riptide GP 2

First Look: Make Some Waves in Our First Look at 'Riptide GP2'

Riptide GP2 is what you think it is: an arcade wave racing game featuring tons of speed, tons of waves, and tons of sick tricks to pull off when your hydro jet blasts off from a big wave or conveniently placed ramp.

Forum Thread: Riptide GP 2 - (by Vector Unit)[Universal]

Rock Paper Missiles


iTunes Description:

Rock Paper Missiles is a new strategy game from the developer of Exponential Invasion. The game features over 21 unique weapons, local bluetooth multiplayer, and Game Center leaderboards.

Forum Thread: Rock Paper Missiles - (by Danny Perski) [Universal]

Sky Tourist

First Look: First Look At 'Sky Tourist,' A Cutesy Puzzle Platformer

Three Legged Egg's cutesy and vibrant Sky Tourist seems like a game to keep an eye out for tonight, especially if you have little ones around. At the top-level, it's a super accessible puzzle meets platforming game that casts you as Petey Pendant, a tiny space man with a hankering for discovery. Your tasked with visiting settlements and grabbing all the souvenirs that you can as you zip through them.

Forum Thread: Sky Tourist - (by Alexander Lading) [Universal]

Super Juice Master 5000

iTunes Description:

The vile alien leader, "Pulpp", demands more juice! Touch the screen and wield two SUPER JUICE CRUSHERS to create the purest juice possible! Hone your skills by smashing and juggling various fruits while batting away impure objects like TVs, Boomboxes and oversized cell phones from the 1980s. Fill juice vats to their fullest, and purest, using your wits, skills and a vast array of top-secret alien power-ups! Become the Super Juice Master 5000 and save humanity one barrel of juice at a time!

Forum Thread: Super Juice Master 5000 - (by Metaversal Studios) [Universal]

  • TheEvilRobot


    There now no one say 1st...

    Ah haha

    Ah hahaha

    Ah ahhahahahaha

  • TheEvilRobot

    Block boy looks pretty cool!

    • TheEvilRobot

      Rock, Paper, Missiles is pretty fun too! 🙂

  • icoker

    dont see Bloodmasque on Canadian store..

  • TarePlays

    God damn Infinity Blade re-skins T-T

    • themostunclean

      Do people actually even look into games before posting comments like this? The game has a ton more to it than just a "re-skin". So what if it uses tap and swipe combat? IB doesn't hold the patent on that and wasn't even the first to use it.

      If anything it's more like "Horn".

  • Samuel Strickland

    Pretty good week!
    Bloodmasque actually looks pretty interesting but the face thing is cracking me up.

    I'm not sure I totally get what Rock Paper Missiles is but it looks cool and really good for a quick multiplayer session.
    Delta-V Racing looks like exactly the kind of racing game I've been craving.
    I'd like to imagine that Beemo would be super cool but it probably wont be cool at all.

  • brando

    Where the hell is "Shadowrun returns" on this list? It's supposed to be out tomorrow. Anyone with any info?

    • Louis Ace

      I have no info but I've been wondering the same thing

      • handycapman

        They said it won't be out until a little while after the PC and Mac versions are released. So next week would be my guess.

    • crispin

      Not on mobile

  • JohnPaulGrim

    Apparently the devs of shadowrun forget to clarify that when they gave the release date of today it was only for Mac and PC versions and they aren't releasing iOS version for a couple more weeks. Lame.

  • JohnPaulGrim


  • bigrand1

    Oops, ya really screwed up tonight's list/videos, etc. Take a look.

    • bigrand1

      Wow, that was a quick fix! You musta seen that when I did! Good job, guys!!

  • KillerSpecialK

    Go get Beemo! He is awesome and he is free! Absolutely wonderful, especially for Adventure Time fans.

    Looking at BlockBoy and that mining/Mr. Driller clone looking game. Maybe some Chillaxian too...

  • cofunguy

    Another week of nothing even worth getting...

  • mguniverse

    Hey everyone, I hope you all enjoy the games you end up buying! I'm the developer behind Rock Paper Missiles, and to those who decide to try it out I hope you have fun. 🙂

  • araczynski

    love the asterix comics, disappointing to see it released through bulkypix. i find their stuff to be one disappointing IAP sleaze fest after another. oh well.

    • Karzay

      The game still looks fun. I couldn't help from laughing when I saw Zeus slap the guy in the video.

    • bluspacecow

      I've been having a lot of fun with that game actually. No IAP purchased yet

  • sweetdiss

    You guys should add Expander. It's super good.

    • jfc1976

      Why is there not a single user review for it in the App Store? If you liked it so much, you should probably leave one. 😉

  • derkoi

    No ARDrone Sim: Zombies on the list. 🙁

  • josh nolan

    They did miss the Prince of Persia Game....two weeks in a row a fairly big release missed...I am about to start my own site

    • handycapman

      Let me know when and I'll hop on over. Shoot, I'd even contribute.

  • pointaken47

    The league of mages snippet is wrong; it's been copied from delta-v racing

  • cowtruck123

    Well at least we know that Asphalt 8 is coming August 8th!

  • anabolicMike


  • bluspacecow

    Out of all the releases this week I think I've had the most fun with Pocket Mine and Asterix.

    Pocket Mine as it has a fairly good tutorial that has you in game and playing really quickly . Asterix 'cause well ... I've never played a decent Asterix game and I'm child of the 80's :O