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First Look At ‘Sky Tourist,’ A Cutesy Puzzle Platformer

mzl.hzlnuuhi.175x175-75Three Legged Egg‘s cutesy and vibrant Sky Tourist seems like a game to keep an eye out for tonight, especially if you have little ones around. At the top-level, it’s a super accessible puzzle meets platforming game that casts you as Petey Pendant, a tiny space man with a hankering for discovery. Your tasked with visiting settlements and grabbing all the souvenirs that you can as you zip through them.

The interesting thing about this one is that you don’t directly control the little space man. Petey’s tethered between two rockets, kinda like a marionette. You place your fingers on these rockets, lifting them as one or independently. Lift one finger higher than the other and Petey slides down the string. Move them together and he rockets upwards. It’s a neat control method and it’s surprisingly simple to use.

Each mission has several souvenirs to find, as well as currency to collect. There’s also a three-star rating system. Getting the third, or heck even the second star, usually requires some thought.


IMG_0112 IMG_0113

And, oh, man this thing’s art design. Just check the above out. So colorful, so full of life and character.

Sky Tourist has around 75 levels spread across three themed worlds. It also has its share of fun little collectible items, including different costumes and alternate rockets. The IAP options include the ability to skip to the next world in case you don’t have enough stars to unlock it.

We’ll be giving this more time, so stay tuned. You can grab it for yourself, though, later tonight when it hits at 11:00PM EST.

International App Store Link: Sky Tourist, 0.99¢ (Universal)