So, on this week's episode of The TouchArcade Show, we managed to talk about iOS games almost the whole way through. We think that's a first. At the top, we discuss the iPad Mini and re-visit the iPhone 5. A bit later, we dive into games. A new zombie game with an awesome soundtrack leads off that segment, while a new Sonic and Punch Quest bring it to a close.

We also talk about some news. Topics include retail studios re-positioning and moving to iOS, the recent Infinity Blade Dungeons postponement, and app rejection.

If you'd like to listen this week, please do so! You can hit up the links below, or hey, subscribe to us on iTunes or Zune. The latter method is the easiest way to listen to us, as you'll get our new episodes the second they release. That's cool, right?


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UPDATE: If you didn't get this podcast in your feed, try again! We've got the correct episode up now. Sorry about that.

  • Showmelater

    Keep up the good work!!!

  • Benegesserit

    i thought MS was dumping Zune

  • moshgra

    Unless I'm having some weird issue. Episode 74 is the same as episode 73.

    • moshgra

      Well from the iTunes download

      • korkidog

        Same here via Downcast. Repeat episode

    • grits

      I thought I was losing my mind. Yes there is no new episode as far as I can tell. It says there is but then plays the old episode. You tricky bastards!

  • fybaton

    I've had this same problem before when downloading from iTunes and Downcast. The new episode does exist you can stream it from the direct link, but iTunes and Downcast seem confused.

  • Sweet Diss

    I missed out on Carmageddon on PCs so I have no nostalgia coloring my perception, and I'm actually having a blast with the iOS port. Sure, it looks like ass and cardboard, but dammit if it isn't fun. It may be because there doesn't seem to be much else like it currently on the appstore (the closest being GTA and Jet Car Stunts in my opinion).

    I suppose if they ever release a newer version that looks better and has multiplayer, or some other dev makes an homage, then there's a good chance it'd be way better. But until then, I'm having a blast with this.

  • GSJ1977

    You can tap anywhere in the margin to turn the page in iBooks. Or do the drag motion that Brad likes. Either way it seems to me a daft thing to get worked up over, I mean are you really seriously complaining about how many centimetres you have to move your finger to turn a page?

    • Karzay

      Everyone has quirks. Let the man be. I'm sure there are more important things in life than how some other guy likes to turn a page.

  • h_A_Z

    Guys my Instacast is getting the previous episode! I need my TA fix now!!!! :p

  • Unfrozen

    Hey guys I had the same issue of getting episode 73 as episode 74 from the official Apple Podcast app.

    BUT I found the solution. Use the Direct Link option in the Touch Arcade app or through the website to get the real episode 74.

  • Eli Hodapp

    I made a mistake when I first posted this episode, the actual podcast feed has been correct for ~12 hours now at least but it doesn't seem like iTunes is grabbing it. Anyone know how to do a manual refresh of the feed in iTunes?

    • Cody Nicolai

      Not sure how to manually refresh on your side but it must have just required some time.  Just erased and downloaded again, the itunes download is working now. Thanks so much Eli!!

  • Trunks

    A little dissapointed they didn't talk about Skyriders.

  • korkidog

    The latest episode now works with Downcast. Thanks Eli!