This week on the TouchArcade Show, we push through viable conversations about spitting into each other’s mouths to bring you the most exciting and entertaining video game news and oral reviews of the week! At the top we dig into Squids and The Dark Meadow, and then smoothly move into subjects like cat games, good-looking games with crappy mechanics, and other interesting junk that I’m sure you’ll enjoy. This week’s episode is a good one, folks!

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  • Dominik Andruszak

    About this whole Shadow Gun/Dark Meadow graphic-whoring thing - I guess that with iOS we're still in a transitional stage, where people react to those games like 'holy shit, my iPhone/iPad can run graphics THIS GOOD ?!' and that's the reason why they're ready to defend these titles despite the gameplay issues. I think that over time we'll definitely see more and more games not only showing off the graphical capability of the devices, but also having solid gameplay to supplement it.