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‘Infinity Blade 2’: Bigger, Badder, More Choice

Chair Entertainment’s Infinity Blade 2 will be a lot more than a facelift. From our side of the aisle, it appears as though the team is attempting to widen the scope and breadth of the original experience, all the while giving players something they didn’t have a lot of in the first game: choice. In a must-read interview with IGN UK, Chair co-founder and technical dude Geremy Mustard revealed that the game will launch with over 100 new weapons and items, boast a significantly larger world with more intricately constructed environments, feature way more enemies and optional side-paths, and it’ll roll out with fun battle additions like, say, dual- and two-handed fighting styles and weapons.

“The player will explore many different environments in this game," Mustard told IGN. “You’ll see some stuff that looks familiar, but the castle in this game is very different. We’ll also be exploring environments in a more Asian-themed landscape."

“With each environment, we wanted to create these water cooler moments — these areas where players can look back and converse about that battle that took place in front of that huge tower or by that really cool clock,” he continued. “There’s always something in the environment that will keep your focus and lead you through the level."

We got our first look at Infinity Blade 2’s December-bound feature set at Apple’s press event the other afternoon and came away ridiculously impressed with the technical majesty. Can this game come any faster, please? Pretty please with sugar on top?

[Via IGN]