This week on TAS, we discuss more games than news due to the startling lull in App Store controversies, craziness, or compelling offerings. Pocket Academy takes the first spot, as we go deep on what makes it so good. Then, we follow with a light Puzzle Agent 2 discussion, followed by Street Fighter 4: Volt, 8-Bit Rally, and Amazing Breaker.

Somehow, we get off the rails hard enough to have a legitimate discussion about the Xbox LIVE beta program and classic online PC gaming. Also, Jared’s puffy and beautiful beard gets a notable mention among other tangential riffs.

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Thanks for listening, guys, and have a (safe) and fun long weekend. We'll be back on Monday with another BONUS episode and Friday, of course, with another regularly scheduled show. Don't forget to e-mail us!

  • Andrew Lane

    Google plus looks awesome!  I mean, it's a little early for me to judge it either way... But i just walked through their tour on their website, and it looks promising, new, and shiny.

    • Brad Nicholson

      I still haven't seen it! I should probably get on that.

  • Beanis

    Hey there you mentioned that you might be adding a write up on 8 Bit Rally, Is that still likely to happen?

    • Brad Nicholson

      I'll ask The Bearded One!

  • Csativa

    Nice job on the street fighter knows.

  • Csativa

    BTW Lovin your pcast (the p is silent 😉

  • Derek Chin

    Regarding the Kairosoft games... I think the appeal for many people is actually the discovery process.  For me, it's nice that there's so many little nuances and mechanics to discover as you play.