‘Real Racing’ Series And ‘Flight Control HD’ Go On Sale

Some of the App Store’s best simulation racing games have received a price slashing as the US prepares to celebrate its independence with drink, food, and things that blow up and make pretty colors. For the third or fourth time only, the Real Racing series is up on the sale block, each title receiving an 80 percent to a 30 percent cut from standard price.

You’ll not be wanting for a Grand Turismo-like experience on your little touch devices if you decide to grab one of these, as we’ve written in our respective reviews for these two outstanding iOS racing jams.

If you’ve somehow missed Flight Control HD, well, that’s on sale, too. Firemint dropped the price from $4.99 to $.99 for the next 48 hours alongside the Real Racing series. The PC and Mac version of the title on Steam is also on sale, if you’re interested in that.

Sales are kind of a big deal right now. If you’re in the market for an EA, a Com2Us, an Adult Swim Games, or a Gameloft game, hit up our posts for each. EA is blowing everyone out of the water by having its entire catalogue up for 99 cents, but there’s other attractive deals out there from these aforementioned publishers.