Early yesterday I made a post sharing Manomio CEO Stuart Carnie's intent to bring iCade support to his Commodore emulation systems. Early this morning, he posted a video of the Amiga game International Karate + running under his iAmiga emulation system with full iCade support. I've not had a chance to test out his latest development build personally, but I wanted to share the video for to pique retro gamers' appetites.

And, speaking of Manomio's Amiga and C64 emulators, Craig Rothwell behind the iControlPad (and Wizzley Presto) reached out and is sending over an eval device for us to check out. Manomio is currently in the process of building iControlPad support into their emulators, as promised. We'll report on that shortly.

  • Macaroon

    Sorry if this has been brought up before, but a) does the iCade have a mains cable, and b) how does it stay rooted to the table, so that it won`t move around during play?

    • http://toucharcade.com blakespot

      Excellent rubber feet that keep it still. It's heavy too. It is battery powered w/ optional AC adapter.

      • Macaroon

        Nice, I might have to bite once it starts to pick up a decent library of supported games. All I need now is an iPad. Hmmm...

  • E_Domina

    I think this could probably be the iCP for the iPad. I think the iControlPad looks to be a great product but it's much more expensive than it should be

  • TKO

    Ah, the awesomeness of IK with a proper stick again.  The introduction of relative controls in C64 did help with Archer McLean's karate games, but nothing beats proper stick controls.  Now all I need is a patch to remove those headbands from the Amiga version .. ugh .. I don't need to be reminded of the 80's in that manner. :p 

    I think I have to get this device.  It'll probably sit beside my X-Arcade, collecting dust much of the time .. but I still love devices like this.  ..might work well on some PC stuff too. 🙂 

  • Chrono1081

    I love the iCade and want my future title to support it. That being said has anyone seen where to download the iCade SDK? I keep seeing things saying its out but I don't ever see a download for it : /

    • http://twitter.com/stuartcarnie Stuart Carnie

      You can grab my MIT licensed 'SDK' for iCADE on github here: http://github.com/scarnie/iCade-iOS

      Same as what I'm using in the demo above.

  • Vanamonde

    At least here in the UK we should be able to buy the iControlPad, thinkgeek won't ship the iCade internationally.

    • Anonymous

      To be fair, it's a pitiful compromise. The iCade is something of a cool geek toy while the iControlPad just comes across as a bad attempt at turning iDevices into something they're not.

    • Flywithsean

      You should try to buy directly from Ion the maker of the device. The link below says to contact them if you want to buy an icade outside of the US and Canada. Worth a try

  • Anon

    Is there an approximate release date for the iamiga emu ? It seems like forever since it was annouced on this site in 2010 ? I thought it was cancelled, and is the emu compatible with most iDevices or just the iPad due to the need of speed ?

    I think the iCad is a bit overkill for a computer emulator that only really used one joystick button but I suppose it's a lot better than a V-Pad.

  • http://twitter.com/teknikal69 P Allen

    Ironically most of the best Amiga games used the mouse so the cabinet Idea is a bit weird at best. I've got a ton of my old Amiga games running on my PSP already so I'll probably not be buying this but I did buy the IOS Speedball 2 so can be tempted by remakes.

    • http://toucharcade.com blakespot

      I disagree. Most of the best used joystick, in my reckoning.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Marshall-Pope/100000602530531 Marshall Pope

      I don't think opinion can be considered irony...not sure what your tastes in Amiga games is but out of the hundreds I have (still own an  A2000) I can only think of a dozen I would consider "best" that don't use a joystick and most of those are either text adventures or rts games.

      • Adam

        The only 2 I care about are mouse controlled.  Starglider II and Frontier Elite 2.

  • http://twitter.com/Inaba_kun Phil Baxter

    I liked Manomio's technical work on the C64 emu, but it was badly let down by a near total lack of support after release. It's essential with emulators to keep the in-app store well stocked and updated often. Others can do it - see NEC with the PC Engine/Turbo Grafx emu, or Elite with the Spectrum emu, or Capcom with their CPS 1 & 2 arcade emu.   Of course Manomio certainly wasn't the worst offender - Sega with their comically bad Mega Drive emulation with each rom bizarrely released as it's own separate app (seriously the most brain dead concept in iOS history) is a train wreck of epic proportions and I refuse to support them.

    I realise Manomio is a small operation, but it's really silly to buy the rights to a platform to emulate, then completely abandon it. Worse than silly, it's positively hostile to fans of the platform, as some other devs may well have been able to not only write a good emu, but keep the in-app store stocked. 

    I hope things are different with iAmiga, whenever it finally comes out. I hope I'll be able to click on a 'buy new roms' button and find it bursting with classics, and I'll see new releases showing up weekly. I fear I'll be disappointed however.

    So Manomio, please do it justice or let others do it instead. New releases weekly please, keep the in-app store stocked.

  • Arcadefan

    Amiga emulation might be nice, but the iCade really needs more than emulators of old games IMO.

    I might sell mine if more devs don't start supporting it. I just bought Mortal Kombat HD, for example, and that would be great with the iCade. But I fear many of the bigger devs will ignore the iCade for some reason. ;-/

  • Toto

    Amiga forever !
    Amiga will never die !
    Amiga rocks !

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