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Manomio Demonstrates iCade Support for ‘iAmiga’ Emulator

Early yesterday I made a post sharing Manomio CEO Stuart Carnie’s intent to bring iCade support to his Commodore emulation systems. Early this morning, he posted a video of the Amiga game International Karate + running under his iAmiga emulation system with full iCade support. I’ve not had a chance to test out his latest development build personally, but I wanted to share the video for to pique retro gamers’ appetites.

And, speaking of Manomio’s Amiga and C64 emulators, Craig Rothwell behind the iControlPad (and Wizzley Presto) reached out and is sending over an eval device for us to check out. Manomio is currently in the process of building iControlPad support into their emulators, as promised. We’ll report on that shortly.