As we mentioned in January, we're bringing back our monthly "Best of" roundups. Unfortunately, late February and Early March were absolutely loaded with both GDC and PAX East which left us with little time left to do anything other than handle both events. To make things up, today we've got this awesome "Best of" extra large double feature, with both February and March games.

Our ratings for games we reviewed in both February and March are now in place, and we now present to you the ones that are on the top of the heap. Each game reviewed receives a 1-5 star rating relative to the other games from that month. Generally, a 3 or higher is considered a "good" rating.

Our final scores are not the product of any traditionally objective measures such as graphics or sound, but simply reflect the games we would most recommend to others.

5 Stars

Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP, $3.99 - [Review] - [Forum Thread] - This is the closest thing to what we'd call a "system seller" of a video game since the iPad was originally released. Sword & Sworcery is an absolutely incredible experience, a thought that has not only been shared by the gaming press, but also the mainstream media as well. If you have an iPad and $5 to your name, there's no excuse not to spend it on this game.

Forget-Me-Not, Free - [Review] - [Forum Thread] - In our review we called Forget-Me-Not the "retrolicious lovechild of PAC-MAN and Rogue," and I'm really struggling with a better way to describe the game. An amazing scoring system combines with fantastic retro graphics that only bolster how much fun Forget-Me-Not is to play. If the thought of PAC-MAN combined with dungeon crawling at all piques your interest, stop what you're doing and download Forget-Me-Not immediately.

Angry Birds Rio, Free - [Review] - [Forum Thread] - As easy as it is to groan at Angry Birds Rio getting a 5 star rating, it's a fantastic game. It obviously takes the original Angry Birds formula and builds on top of it with the Rio tie in, boss battles, and some spruced up interface elements. There's also a few extra layers of parallax scrolling that really make this version of Angry Birds look much better than the others as well.

Tiny Wings, $2.99 - [Review] - [Forum Thread] - It's not every day that Angry Birds gets knocked to the #2 position on the top sales charts, but Tiny Wings did it. It comes packed with delightfully simple single button gameplay that even kids could enjoy along with increasingly difficult goals that even hardcore gamers will find challenging. Get this game, now.

Battleheart, $2.99 - [Review] - [Forum Thread] - This single player game perfectly combines everything that's good about complex party-based realtime battles found in MMO-style games with wonderfully simple and intuitive touch controls. Multiple character classes are included, as well as equipment upgrades. It's incredible just how much flexibility there is for tweaking your party and how you play the game. Battleheart is fantastic on the iPhone, but you can't miss it if you own an iPad.

4.5 Stars

Fight Night Champion by EA Sports™, $4.99 - [Review] - [Forum Thread] - A surprisingly competent boxing game that feels like an equal to its console counterpart instead of a typical watered-down mobile version. Great touch screen controls combine with different game modes to create a boxing experience that is among the best that the App Store has to offer.

Hot Springs Story, $4.99 - [Review] - [Forum Thread] - If you liked Game Dev Story, this is a game you need to download without hesitation. (If you haven't heard of Game Dev Story, play that first.) It features the same endless simulation style, only this time, focused around running a spa instead of your own video game company. Sure, the subject matter might not be as appealing, but everything that made GDS amazing is there (and then some).

Speedball 2 Evolution, $0.99 - [Review] - [Forum Thread] - This is a wonderful remake of the retro classic, complete with some great touch controls. If you haven't heard of the Speedball series of games, they're about the closest thing you can get to the old Mutant League Sports games on the Sega Genesis. If you have nostalgic ties to any of these franchises, or just enjoy crazy sports games, snag Speedball 2.

NBA JAM by EA SPORTS™, $4.99 - [Review] - [Forum Thread] - iOS gamers really couldn't ask for much more when it comes to EA's port of NBA Jam... Except for multiplayer, which is sorely missing. Regardless, all of the massive dunks and secret modes are intact, making this a surprisingly faithful port. EA even recently updated the game's roster, bringing it in line with this NBA season.

The rest of the game ratings can be seen in their respective rating categories (also found in the sidebar navigation): 5 Stars, 4.5 Stars, 4 Stars, 3.5 Stars, 3 Stars, and 2 Stars.

As always, we expect there will be some debate about relative scores, but keep in mind that everyone's personal ratings may vary based on individual tastes.

  • Aaron Baker

    Thanks for bringing back the Best Of roundup. It's so easy for good games to fall through the cracks.

  • Anonymous

    Tiny Wings, NBA Jam, and Battleheart were all released in February...

    • Guest

      ??? They explained that this round-up covered Feb and March.

      • Anonymous


  • Steve1238z

    Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP is only for iPad. Your title says iPhone games

    • Me

      The round-up should ideally cover both phone & pad, but should specify which platform each game runs on. Some of those games are ipad only (eg: sword & Sworcery), some are iphone only (eg: NBA Jam) and others are universal.

  • AM

    Might pick up NBA Jam, especially since they updated the rosters.

  • Mike


  • Joe Gamer

    No Mission Europa, really?!

    • Christiseattle

      It sucks, that's why. Awful graphics, bizarre AI, convoluted controls and menu system. Worst of all it's boring. Unlike others who seem amazed that one person shat this out, I'm amazed anyone thinks its worthwhile.

      • Anonymous

        I'm amazed at your failure to look past a few minor flaws. Weak excuse for a gamer!

      • Golddigger

        Mission Europa: "Awful graphics, bizarre AI, convoluted controls and menu system. Worst of all it's boring". <---- Minor compaints??? Really? Im amazed at how many users post about this shit on the forums

      • Joe Gamer

        Have fun with Angry Birds then? Clearly a game with a hardcore focus isn't meant for gamers like you.

      • Christiseattle

        Not true. I've been gamer my entire life-I've played everything from ghosts and goblins on my brothers old NES to FF XIII. I've played FPS's, RTS's, RPG's of every stripe and caliber.

        However, if it makes you feel better to think only "real" gamers can see the wonderment that is ME, while everyone else is a troglodyte-more power to you.

      • Anonymous

        Not real gamers, just the ones with taste who aren't totally blind to a games merits and are prepared to spend more than 5 minutes waiting to find out. Stating "it sucks" as though it's gospel when really it's only your insignificant, pointless opinion just makes you sound like a complete moron. If you don't like it, STFU and sit down like a good little kid.

      • Christiseattle

        Who the hell do you think you're talking to? What maes your opinion more valid? I played it for 2 hours and that was enough. And I'm far from being a kid, so go troll someone else douchebag.

      • Crex

        2 hours? HA! I laugh at you. This game has about 50-100 hours of gameplay with the game getting better and BETTER as you play. I win. Now go troll some other site.

      • Anonymous

        You're posting enough shit right here to make up for it. You'd ditch a game because of a menu? You're a fool. Because of the graphics? You're spoiled -and- a fool. Controls can be reconfigured and will no doubt be updated after player feedback. Boring? You just have bad taste, if you need a quick fix go and play your 5 minute schoolyard fads, leave the real gaming to the rest of us.

      • Christiseattle

        You sir-and I use that term loosely, are a twat.

      • Anonymous

        Boo hoo. You can't back up your ridiculous argument and so resort to childlike behaviour. Wake the f*** up son and join the real world. What you say has no effect on other people, your opinions are bull, the game is popular and you hate that fact so much you can't breathe. Well good, I hope it burns at your immortal soul.

      • Koko

        mission europa sucks dick and so do you. Slurp slurp 8=======> .

      • Anonymous

        Wehey, someone's speaking from experience. Don't forget to dust your knees or your parents might think something's up. Enjoy puberty when it swings around, they won't pay for ugly old assholes.

      • Golddigger

        When you reach puberty you can speak of it, dont do it without any knowledge...

      • Golddigger


      • Golddigger

        MidianGTX, I cant believe you defend ME that much. Cant you see? M.E. IS A BIG PIECE OF SHIT. I been playing games for 22 years now, from AMIGA 500 to PS3, and everything in the middle, and that game is worse than most of the crappy games i played. It just plain SUCKS. You are blind, child?. And also, you have childish behavior, as you insulted Chris several times before he (or she) even ditched you, and you dindt see that, so immature...if you think ME is real gaming you must be like 12 years old, at maximum.

      • Bob

        Call me daddy

      • Anonymous

        The game is NOT popular... ask anyone who isn't an iOS gaming nerd - I mean, aficionado, and they will have no idea what it is.

      • Crex

        Just cause its not popular doesn't mean its not good. So that post had nothing but FAIL written all over it.

      • Christiseattle

        I hope that was sarcasm.

  • Anonymous

    Glad Forget Me Night made it up - incredible game - don't let the retro pac-graphics throw you off.

    • Nicholai Heijnen


      • PlusOne

        +1 / 4 - (A x 3.14) x 11%

      • EastsideStompers

        +42.....the meaning of life; )

  • C.Hannum

    Don't get the Speedball 2 recommendation at all. "Great touch controls"? It had some of the worst controls of any action game I've played on iOS whichever flavor you went with. Tilt was just a dizzying, chaotic mess as active players switched so you were never quite doing what you wanted to be doing. Yet, it was impossible to aim throws with the D-pad (which was further reamed up the poop shoot with the constant floating state that had you chasing it all over the screen since it moved with every single microsecond lift-off of your thumb). The rest of the interface was equally imperfect.

    I kept coming back to this game over the better part of a month, convinced I must be missing something based on the copious praise in the forum. In the end, decided people were blinded by nostalgia and deleted it glad I only spent a $1.

    If they ever want to fix the controls, I'll give it another try, but in the current state it is hardly worth fighting the interface that much for that flawed of a sports game.

  • Pdjay

    I have to admit this list is pretty solid but this list isnt completed without Mission Europa in there... fav game of the month

    • MrSpud

      Yeah, maybe they forgot about it because they didn't see it in the forums, right?!

  • Anonymous

    Wow, TA took down the posts complaining about them not reviewing Mission Europa. ?!?!?!?!

    • backtothis

      Um no, I'm pretty sure it's right there.

      • Anonymous

        No, there was another thread of comments. And 148 Apps liked one of the comments saying TA should review it, so I said "Hey, you haven't reviewed it either" or something of that nature. It was right up there...

      • Anonymous

        They deleted the comments?!?!?!???? HOW DARE THEY?!?!???!?!? WTF were these ************* ******** thinking deleting comments demanding them to review some game in a completely unrelated game's review!!!!

        Oh snap!

      • Anonymous

        My bad. I'll just shut up now.

  • Beodemon

    This is probably the worst April fools joke I have ever seen.

  • Golddigger

    If anyone read this, dont buy Mission Europa, its a big piece of crap. You will thank me later.

    • MrSpud

      Well said Golddigger, I'm sure many people won't buy the game now just because you said so, even if you don't have any argument whatsoever...How can someone as eloquent as you are be wrong?

      • Golddigger

        My arguments are well stated above. Please read all the comments before commenting.

    • Crex

      FAIL. Now go troll some other site.

      • Golddigger

        Im not trolling, im preventing people to spend their hard eaned money on worthless crap. And a big crap indeed. 10 dollars? WTF

      • Domino5343

        your not preventing anyone from buying the game. you are actually showing everyone how immature you are for all the stuff your saying. You dont have to pay 10 for it, you can buy the 3 dollar one and a free version is coming out.

        Mission Europa is a must buy. The gameplay is rich and it last for hours. You'll keep playing it for hours. If you are scared of the graphics, dont worry because that is not even an issue. People like GoldDigger is just a troll who see games for the exterior and not for the fun of it.

  • Max Shamko

    they all suck

  • Fygo

    Battleheart - A total disappointment for me. Horrible controls, overlapping characters, characters covered by the buttons on the top..., gameplay totally the same all the time. So often very frustrating. How can this get 5 stars?

    • Anonymous

      I loved it. Different people have different tastes.

      "As always, we expect there will be some debate about relative scores, but keep in mind that everyone's personal ratings may vary based on individual tastes."

      • Fygo

        Well, agreed, but that is more or less obvious. However a game that gets 5 from 5 rating should be near perfect, if not perfect, imho. And the controls are far from that.

      • Anonymous

        The star rating is the degree to which TA would recommend it, not whether or not it's perfect. I see where you're coming from, though.

  • Doujinaroni

    Where is Mission Europa?!

  • Darkestafro

    Yes list is okay.......
    but in the end all i want is -Smuggle Truck-.

  • Aros2k

    The dribbling mongs in here going on about Mission Europa have convinced me to avoid it for now.

    • Blackharon

      This is exactly what I was thinking

    • Bv


  • Shiz

    Hi, I'm here to fight about Mission Europa.

    • Anonymous

      You're late.