As mentioned in our post from this morning, the original iDOS fiasco last October was an incredible one. We constantly updated our initial post on the emulator throughout the day as we were more and more blown away by just how capable it was until Apple finally pulled the plug later that same day. Not long after, I reminisced on just how important iDOS was, hoping developers utilized the iDOS emulator framework to bring DOS classics to the iPhone.

As of today, iDOS is back, and free. The update text warns to "think thrice" before updating, as part of getting iDOS back on the store involved removing the iTunes functionality that allowed users to just drag and drop whatever executables they wanted within iDOS right in to iTunes to sync. You'd think that this would be the end of the iDOS saga, but forum member BoxOfSnoo informed us that the initial iDOS emulation rabbit hole is still there... It's just a little more complicated to get to.

Using the freeware utility iPhone Explorer, adding additional games to iDOS is as simple as browsing your apps in iPhone Explorer, opening the iDOS folder, and then dumping whatever files you want inside of the iDOS documents folder. These files will be available in iDOS, as /Apps/iDos/documents/ is the equivalent to C:\ inside of iDOS. This does not require you to be jailbroken.

What Apple's response will be to this discovery is anyone's guess. Technically speaking, I'm not entirely sure if iDOS is breaking any of the developer agreements since adding games is done entirely through an unsupported third party utility. Regardless, it seems that this version of iDOS is just as capable of the original version, just with a slightly different way for loading additional games on to it. If you haven't yet, you should really consider downloading iDOS. It's free and may not last long.

Oh, and of course, the thread on our forums for iDOS 2.0.1 is going wild again with people installing all kinds of crazy stuff on their iOS devices.

  • Hackmodford

    If you're on a mac you can use Phone Disk

  • Jim

    I like PhoneView best.

  • Donny-06

    how do you put games on idos??

  • Dgrams2003

    Downloaded and used iPhone Explorer as recommended. Got into my phone, but cant find "/iDos/documents/" under Apps. I have a ton of apps stuff listed under the apps folder, but none of them say 'iDos'... hmm...

    • Capercaillie

      Here it was called (iPhone explorer)

    • Hankytime

      Keep looking? It took me about 5 seconds and then I dropped a bookmark and now I'm gaming like a beast.

  • Alfred Reinold Baudisch

    Worked, playing some good old games.

  • YoureAMessy

    It's crashing on my 3G. πŸ™

  • Chris Matchett

    I was the first person to suggest this workaround. Just saying...

    • Anonymous

      Hmm, could be, I didn't see it though. I actually used this same technique earlier to inject the TapTap Revenge songs into my iPhone that I had downloaded earlier on my wife's iPod.

      You know what they say about great minds πŸ˜‰

      • Jim

        And I mentioned it in the Quick Snap thread. We all win!

      • Chris Matchett

        I only suggested it though. You tested and proved it.

  • tonyunreal

    Wasn't all the apps that access a specific folder in the actual file system to import files removed by Apple from the App Store a while ago?

    • Hampus

      Just like a lot of apps like the iwork suite, dropbox and all apps that allow some kind of transfer of files trough itunes have some kind of limited access of the filesystem.

      The can't reach anything outside of their own folder or the users documents folder though

  • xyzzy

    haha imma loading old dos games into this thing liek crazy not all of them work that well though

  • Justin

    Anyone know why iPhone Explorer is crashing each time it opens? I have an iPhone 4 and am running Windows Vista 64-bit.

    • Hankytime

      Vista sucks, so that's probably detrimental to your success. Try 7 or xp.

      • Mike

        I'm having the same issue as Justin. I've tried using two different computers, one running Vista 64-bit, the other running 7, 64-bit. In both cases it crashes whenever I start it up with an iPhone plugged in (works fine on the Vista machine without the iPhone plugged in, but as soon as you plug it in, it crashes).

      • Hankytime

        Try closing itunes first, then get back to us.

    • Logan Cale

      run as Adminstrator

  • Jorlen

    This is why I love this site. This info is gold!

  • Sir Richard the Brave

    This is awesome. Got Frontier: Elite II working straight away.

    Controls are workable, although being able to custom what F keys show up with the joystick overlay would be a huge help.

    I've got moonstone going but something funny is going on with the joystick and it keeps 'down' on at all times.

    tell you what though - this is neat!!!

    hope the amiga emulator is flexible like this too

  • Azjlerma

    I have an IPAD, I do not see a documents folder using explorer-- (iPhone explorer)

    any suggestions?

  • some guy

    Yeah, I'm seeing the crash with iphone explorer too.
    I'm running xp 32 bit sp3 and itunes 10 for what it's worth.
    Starts up fine - I usually make it to
    and shortly thereafter it crashes. Does so both with and without itunes running at the same time. I also tried turning off various apple services - ituneshelper or ipodhelper - anything apple looking. that didn't seem to help.
    Any help would be appreciated.

  • repapermunky

    To get to root with new idos:

    C:>mount d /

    Mount root is harmful.

    C:>mount d /var

    Drive D is mounted as local directory /var/



    • HarrySmoke

      mount d: /. (note the period) will allow you to mount the root filesystem

  • Anonymous

    It is now gone from the app store. And I didn't get a chance to install it πŸ™

  • andreadst

    I'm trying to access the folder but it keeps saying "file or directory not found". any clues?

    • gspawn

      I get the same issue with iPhone Explorer. All the directories show up, but as soon as I click on one it spits out the "file or directory not found" error and nothing shows up.

  • Tyler

    iDOS isnt in app store anymore

    • Brandon

      Yep it's pulled again. Back it up

      • Anonymous

        Why? Or is it as it seems and Apple destroys any file that they pull from the appstore. If that's the case I would be very angry as I would be losing the functions I fought to get.

  • Maththijs

    there mut be a way around itunes to get it on the ipod/iphone/ipad

    • Anonymous

      There is. It involves using Apple's own ad hoc distribution channels which limit release to 100 devices, which I would love to be one of though I am a little skeptical of posting my UDID here.

  • Maththijs

    i think we all know there are thousands of programs out there to make ipod/iphone/ipad programs, so why not make idos available to download in an unfinished version so that everyone can "make" it in such a program and get it on his/her ipod/iphone/ipad
    and so avoiding itunes store completely (worst idea ever, i know)

  • Rob

    I'm browsing the Apps folder using iPhone explorer and I cannot see the iDos directory orΒ or DosPad, or anything to do with dos!Β 
    Does anyone have any suggestions as to why I can't see the directory that everyone else seems to be able to see?

  • frankiekam

    Hi Eli. It's November 2016 now. I have a couple of questions. (1) What is the difference between iDOS2 and Power DOS? (2) Can either app allow me to run DOS games other than what is available on the AppStore/iDOS Store/PowerDOS store? I mean I wonder if it will run my good old Digital Integration Tornado flight simulator. In the first place, how do I transfer my Tornado game files over to my iPad? Does Apple allow this kind of file transfer? Basically I have a ton of DOS games on my old external harddrive. How can I play those DOS games on iDOS2 and/or PowerDOS? Frankie Kam.