A number of titles are currently on sale in the App Store.  Here's a roundup of some that we've covered before here on TouchArcade.

Wooden Labyrinth 3D [App Store, $0.99 - down from $3.99]

wooden labyrinth 3d screenFans of the marble / labyrinth-style games will enjoy Elias Pietilä's Wooden Labyrinth 3D

It offers 180 built-in levels of tilting fun but adds a realistic twist, providing a 3D perspective that shifts with the tilt of your iPhone. Besides the traditional 2D levels, the game also offers platforms and obstacles that must be jumped over by simply shaking your iPhone.

Biplane: Wings of Raccoon [App Store, $0.99 - down from $1.99]

biplane screenGameResort's Biplane: Wings of Raccoon is a cartoonish flying game that offers both an Arcade shooter mode and a Race mode featuring nine courses of fly-through-the-hoops action. 

It utilizes accelerometer flight controls with on-screen touch zones for firing and activating a temporary speed boost. Biplane doesn't strive to provide a realistic flight experience; it's about bullseyeing targets, blowing up enemies, and racking up the most points possible.

Hill Billy [App Store, $2.99 - down from $5.99]

hill billy screenMirage Labs' Hill Billy revolves around you defending your carrots from biomechanical creatures with a shotgun.

The game's graphics are very nice with rather smooth gameplay and it also offers a reasonable set of controls to manipulate the action. It's one of the most graphically impressive first person shooters currently available on the iPhone. The gameplay itself, however, is a bit unusual and at just five levels, the sale price is easier to justify than the full retail.

Glu Mobile: Glyder, Build-a-Lot, Bonsai Blast

glyder_castleGlu Mobile is running a sale on three of its iPhone titles. 

Casual flyer Glyder has been reduced to $0.99 [App Store], down from $1.99.  It's a graphically impressive game of gem collection and mini-missions, spread across six different worlds, with a feel reminiscent of Nintendo's Pilotwings 64.

Housing tycoon game Build-A-Lot has been reduced to $1.99 [App Store], down from $4.99.  It's a casual strategy game in which the player buys and sells land, develops blueprints, builds and expands houses, and creates a functioning community that – hopefully – makes the player a wealthy tycoon. See our full review.

Match-three eliminate-the-meandering-beads puzzler Bonsai Blast is on sale for $1.99 [App Store], down from $3.99.  The game features 90 levels, a zen garden theme, and in a departure from most games of the sort, features multiple shooter locations.

Wild West Pinball [App Store, $0.99 - down from $2.99]

158471This pinball game tries to offer a more authentic pinball experience and is very nicely animated with a 3D panning and scrolling table.

The game has earned high praise from pinball fans who have been looking for a more authentic experience. Several users have commented on the accurate physics model and "real feel" of Wild West Pinball.

Features listed by the developer include:

- 40 frames per second
- Camera effects
- Realistic physics
- Natural sounds
- Top 15 global high score

  • Ahiru

    short on budget, which one(s) should i get?!?!?!

    • Seishu

      Well it depends. I'd say Glyder and Biplane are a steal at only $1 each and are really fun flying games. Haven't played any of the others though I hear Build-A-Lot is pretty fun.

      • Ahiru

        i was thinking of biplane actually... or wooden labyrinth... hill billy doesn't look that fun.. thanks for pointing biplane/glyder out.

        build a lot is fun, but i played the mac version and it gets old very quick (maybe i'll pick it up when it finally reaches the .99c tag)

  • blk04a4

    im gonna pick up glyder... and yes build-a-lot is tons of fun, lots of playtime. i got it at 4.99 and i would reccommend everyone to get it at 1.99

  • Billy

    Definitely go for Glyder. It's a steal at $0.99. I thought it was a steal at $1.99. I have played Biplane also and imho, it doesn't come even close to Glyder.

  • eVp

    Was about to end the sale before weekend, but I guess you've convinced me not to. Grab Wooden Labyrinth 3D while supplies last!! 🙂

  • http://gameprom.com svolskiy

    Wild West Pinball also dropped price to $0.99 from $2.99!

    • arn

      Thanks. I added Wild West Pinball to the list. It was supposed to go on there, but slipped through the cracks.


  • http://b1narygame.com yonnage

    Hey all. I also price dropped Binary Game (iTunes: http://bit.ly/b1nary ) to $0.99 cents for the weekend. 🙂

  • rich_952000

    I've had Biplane-Wings of Raccoon and Glyder since they were released, both are top of the line.

    I picked up Hill Billy as soon as I saw it price drop, high quality, awesomely good! I beg the developers to add levels, it's that good.

  • Brett

    Wow there were a lot of price drops this week. I guess that's good for me though 🙂

  • Masmo

    I might pick up Hill Billy, I've been thinking about it for a while.

    • rich_952000

      I was the same, I kept thinking about it. Now I'm glad I bought it. There are only 5 lvls, but they get pretty big and a lot harder, quick! I'm on lvl 4 now (the mine) and it's huge 🙂 I think until they add more lvls Hill Billy has settled into it's rightful price range.

      • Masmo

        Thanks for the recommendation, just picked it up.

  • squirpe

    Awesome! Picked up WW Pinball (was on my snipe list), Glyder & WL3D - bargains all 🙂

    • Mike

      I'm curious... has anyone found a good website or software to help spot price drops for your personal "snipe lists"?

  • rich_952000

    @Masmo; let me know if you think Hill Billy is worth it. 🙂

  • Malarkey

    Wild West Pinball is one of the few games out of the dozens that I have that I keep returning to. Other pinball games are deeper or more fantasical (Pinballin'), but Wild West Pinball is just the best quality pinball game out there.

  • rickyb

    I agree with Malarkey. Wild West Pinball is my go-to game. Highly recommended.