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Ready your sword, pack your provisions and prepare to embark upon quests of epic proportions where YOU choose what happe…
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Ready your sword, pack your provisions and prepare to embark upon quests of epic proportions where YOU choose what happens next! Journey a magical realm, fighting monsters and unravelling mysteries in Fighting Fantasy Classics – text-based roleplaying adventures remastered. FREE GAMEBOOK FOR EVERY PLAYER Receive Jonathan Green's swashbuckling pirate adventure - Bloodbones - for free when you download the game. MULTIPLE DIFFICULTY SETTINGS Make the gamebooks as easy or hard as you like with a range of difficulty settings to suit the needs to every player. AUTOMATED ADVENTURE SHEET Which keeps track of your equipment, stats, inventory, and knowledge gained during your journey. MAP YOUR JOURNEY Auto mapping feature makes it easy to keep track of everywhere you have explored during both current and previous playthroughs. COLLECTABLE ARTWORK GALLERY Featuring classic, original artwork from Iain McCaig, Russ Nicholson, Malcolm Barter, Ian Miller, Brian Williams and more! ATMOSPHERIC MUSIC Specially composed ambient tracks immerse you in your adventure, transporting you to the game world. UNLIMITED BOOKMARKS Allow you to revisit difficult sections of the story as many times as desired. DICE ACCELEROMETER SUPPORT Roll your way to victory with accelerometer support - shaking the device will allow you to reroll your dice! All this and more as you play through classic adventures including: Bloodbones, Caverns of the Snow Witch, Citadel of Chaos, City of Thieves, Deathtrap Dungeon, Forest of Doom, House of Hell, Island of the Lizard King, Trial of Champions and Warlock of Firetop Mountain, with more titles to come in future updates. Originally presented by Steve Jackson & Ian Livingstone in the 80s and 90s, Fighting Fantasy Classics brings these timeless tales to your phone or tablet using our critically acclaimed Gamebook Adventures Engine. Traverse the realm of Allansia, using your might and magic to hunt down evil demisorcers. Brave the dangers of Darkwood Forest to help save a doomed village of dwarves. Seek vengeance from the Pirate Lord who stole your family and destroyed your life many moons ago. Save a port-town from the wrath of an undead lord and his ghostly hound minions! Part story, part game, in these adventures YOU ARE THE HERO!
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Updated:Sep 08, 2022
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