‘Fighting Fantasy Classics’ Has Updated with a Rewind Feature, Landscape Support, and More

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Fighting Fantasy Classics (Free), the latest incarnation of the popular gamebooks of years gone by, is a great delivery system for the top-notch digital conversions developer Tin Man Games has become known for. It launched with a few titles that had yet to get the Tin Man touch, and there are lots more on the way. While the team is busy converting those books, however, they’ve also pushed out an update that addresses some of the feedback they have received.

First up is the return of landscape support. Personally, I prefer to play the games in portrait as it more closely resembles a book, but some people love landscape orientation and were a little disappointed it was missing from Fighting Fantasy Classics. Well, good news, friends! Now you can play any which way you’d like. The only catch is that the main menu only supports portrait mode. But the books themselves can be viewed as you wish, something tablet users will be happy to hear no doubt.

The next addition is the rewind feature, now available in the Free Read difficulty mode. Given that roughly 106% of people who played the actual physical Fighting Fantasy books cheated at least once in their lives, this is a very sensible addition indeed. I mean, the Super NES Classic Edition has a rewind feature, so why not digital gamebooks? Wield your wicked powers of time travel and take back that last bum roll of the dice. I won’t tell anyone. Apparently the mapping feature that was intended for the launch release is on its way in the next update too, so get ready to flex those cheatin’ muscles, everyone!

Now, there are some other less flashy things in this update that you’ll all appreciate, I’m sure. Bug fixes, enhancements, UI adjustments, and all that. Things are running much smoother on the whole in Fighting Fantasy Classics-ville, I can confirm. So with all that settled for now, I encourage you to head over to the blog at Tin Man Games to vote on the next book to be added to the app. You can choose between the big-time favorite Deathtrap Dungeon or the slightly less-seen but still great Sword of the Samurai. Both will be coming eventually, but you can help make the decision about which comes first.

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