‘Deathtrap Dungeon’ Comes to ‘Fighting Fantasy Classics’ Along with Some Cool New Features

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If you’re a gamebook fan, you’ve probably already downloaded Tin Man’s Fighting Fantasy Classics (Free), a cool new hub app for all things Fighting Fantasy. Right from launch, the app included a nice selection of titles, some of which were receiving the Tin Man treatment for the very first time. But the Fighting Fantasy series was a long one, packed to the gills with many great adventures spanning multiple authors and genres. Many of those books have gone ages without a digital release, if they had one at all. Well, one of the most-demanded titles has now its way back to iOS and is now available for purchase within the Fighting Fantasy Classics app.

Deathtrap Dungeon was the sixth release in the initial line of gamebooks, and it’s among the most popular and well-known of the whole lot. Written by Ian Livingstone and ably illustrated by Iain McCaig, this adventure sees the player trying to best a deadly labyrinth in hopes of winning the Trial of Champions. With vicious monsters, cunning traps, and tricky puzzles waiting around every turn, this is an intensely challenging test that will have you gripping onto every stamina point for dear life. Or, thanks to Tin Man’s excellent gamebook interface, you can swap over to an easier difficulty setting and just enjoy the ride. It’s up to you.

But wait, there’s more! This new book comes alongside the version 1.3 update for the app, and it’s got some great new features worth mentioning. The hotly-anticipated mapping feature is now fully operational, allowing you to see not only where you’ve been on your current playthrough, but also where you went on previous runs. Now you really don’t need that paper and pencil anymore! You may also notice a couple of new books on the virtual shelf. These are the History of Fighting Fantasy and Rulebook titles, and I think you can guess what they’re all about. Finally, if you can’t feel that true dice-rolling spirit without violent shaking something in your hand, you’ll be happy to hear you now have the option to roll those bones using your device’s accelerometer.

Now that Deathtrap Dungeon is in, there’s a different sort of Trial of Champions going on over at Tin Man’s website. Once again, the developer is leaving the choice of what comes next up to you, the player. Your choices include the loser of the last round Sword of the Samurai, Deathtrap Dungeon‘s sequel Trial of Champions, the intriguing Creature of Havoc, and the Road Warrior-inspired Freeway Fighter. You can vote for two this time, so pick wisely. They’re all really good! While you wait for the results, be sure to check out Deathtrap Dungeon and the new mapping feature in Fighting Fantasy Classics. They go really well together, I promise.

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