Crusaders Quest

Experience the nostalgic dot-aesthetic of classic RPG right in your hands in this story of adventure where children bec…
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Experience the nostalgic dot-aesthetic of classic RPG right in your hands in this story of adventure where children become adults and adults become children! A century after the Apostles' War, a crisis looms over Hasla due to the sudden appearance of a mysterious woman, 'Sylunis', in the Hyro Forest. As the newly appointed Captain of 'Hero Town', you are the only one who can prevent Sylunis' conspiracy to free the Apostles sealed in the Soulstone. Assist the apprentice goddess, Sera, save the goddesses and prevent the resurrection of the Apostles! Experience the pixel action RPG unfolding in Hasla, "Crusaders Quest." ■ Puzzle? Action! Skill Block Match Play Collect skill blocks and use them together! Use heroes that create skill synergy to become stronger! Simple yet strategic battle play ■ Dots, all dots! Retro aesthetic graphics Loved for nearly a decade, the unique pixel art of Crusader Quest Constantly pushing the boundaries of what can be expressed each year! Filled with charming pixel art embodying cuteness, splendor, grandeur, and wit Even with stunning and captivating illustrations...! ■ Choose and enjoy events and battles in your own style Zero pressure for guild play! Battle Delegation available! Gameplay featuring single-player-centric battle contents and events, Choose and proceed according to your play style ■ A relatively easy-to-collect RPG No need for duplicate heroes for hero growth Paid currency obtainable in Arena every week Maximum hero growth achievable within a day ■ Familiar events, innovative events Familiar events like world raid bosses, consecutive boss battles, deal competitions, random team competition Mini-game events like rhythm games, bread tycoon, maze finding, bingo, fishing Experimental events like stock market, prize lottery, auction, roguelike dungeon ■ Delivering the latest information through official channels ⊙ Official website: ⊙ Official Twitter: ⊙ Official YouTube: ■ Minimum device specifications iOS 11 and above / RAM 2GB and above ■ Device app access permission guide We request the minimum optional permissions required for smooth gameplay. You can refuse to grant optional access rights, but please understand that this may restrict the use of certain features. [Optional Access Rights] - Notifications: Used when receiving push notifications - Photos/Camera: For attaching screenshots when reporting bugs and inconveniences to the Customer Support Center [How to change access rights] Settings > Crusader > Set each access right
Genre:Action, Role Playing
Release:Dec 10, 2014
Updated:May 30, 2024
Size:130.0 MB
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