Big Sales Continue: ‘Crowntakers’, ‘Drylands’, ‘Surgeon Simulator’, And Many More

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That list of sales we had the other day was pretty cool, full of all sorts of goodies to occupy your weekend. But just in case those weren’t enough, it looks like a whole bunch of other games are on sale right now, too. Good thing there aren’t any other major sales happening on other platforms right now or anything, right? Because if there were, we might have all ended up broke. Anyway, here’s the second wave of sales to celebrate… E3? Father’s Day? Paula Abdul’s birthday? Well, I suggest you not worry about it too much and just enjoy the nice prices, friends. The new list of apps on sale follows.

Board game and RPG fans in particular seem to be the chief beneficiaries of this lot, but since those genres tend to hold the priciest games in general, that’s not a bad thing. Anyway, as usual, no idea exactly how long these sales will run, so if you see something you like, don’t hesitate.

  • Crowntakers - The Ultimate Strategy RPG

    Dark times are imminent: the king’s abduction throws a once peaceful land into turmoil. Being the chosen one elected b…
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