How to Build a Fallout Shelter with Five Nights at Freddy’s Characters in Minecraft

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Yes, managing your own fallout shelter in Fallout Shelter (Free) is great, but what about exploring one of your own? And you know, a fallout shelter isn’t creepy enough as it is, why not throw some Five Nights at Freddy’s ($2.99) characters in there? Well, thanks to the power of Minecraft PE ($6.99), you can do exactly that. Here’s how!

You’ll need to make the shelter for yourself. Thankfully, here’s a video showing how to make a rad shelter for yourself:

Of course, you might need to build several levels of shelter for yourself. Don’t forget to make yourself an elevator to get to the different floors:

And you’ll want to put some genuine Fallout Shelter rooms in there. But why not add a flourish and put Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza in as the diner? This video shows you just what you can do to make it:

And of course you’ll need to populate it with the characters. Why don’t you replace some of the enemy skins with the Freddy’s gang? MCPE Hub has skins for all the gang. Need to learn how to use custom skins? Read our guide!

Build all this, and you’ll have the best, creepiest fallout shelter of your own to explore. Happy vault-dwelling, overseer!

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