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PAX South 2017: Versus Evil Shows Off 'Like a Boss', 'Let Them Come', and The Long-Awaited 'Antihero'

Versus Evil had a presence at PAX South 2017, and mobile will play a role. The starring mobile game at their booth was Like a Boss, which has been in soft launch for a while now, but only an older build was available at the show. Still, this one's in development and worth keeping an eye on, as the concept of being an MMORPG boss and fending off pesky heroes is quite fun. Let Them Come was available on PC. This 2D shooter has you trying to defend your encamped position from an oncoming horde of enemies. The demo at PAX South gave players a limited amount of cash to go into battle with, so special ammo and passive skills had to be equipped wisely to fend off the dangerous enemies for as long as possible. It's fun stuff, though I am curious as to how well it will work on mobile. Versus Evil's representative said the developers are still figuring that out. With two different guns, grenades, and a knife attack to worry about, I'm curious to see how it all comes together...

PAX 2016: A Look at the 'Crashlands' Campaign Editor

September 5th, 2016 9:16 PM EDT by Eli Hodapp in News, PAX
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It's no secret that we really love Crashlands [$2.99] around here, and one of the early things we heard of (I think from a GDC meeting?) was how they had plans to publicly release all the tools they used to make the game so players themselves can customize their own campaigns. Well, the dudes at Butterscotch Shenanigans have been hard at work polishing it up and are getting close to unleashing it to the world. Here's what the editor looks like in action:..

PAX 2016: 'Eon Altar' Uses Mobile Devices as Controllers

September 5th, 2016 9:06 PM EDT by Eli Hodapp in News, PAX
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Wandering the 6th floor of PAX lead to discovering Eon Altar, a PC/Mac Steam game that normally we wouldn't pay a ton of attention to... except the super rad thing about the game is that it uses mobile devices as controllers. It's not the first time we've seen this before, as The Jack Box also did it really well... But this is the first time I've seen it done with a more hardcore RPG?..

PAX 2016: 'Eternal' is Another Cool Looking Digital Card Game

It seems like ever since Hearthstone hit the mobile scene so hard, everyone has been dying to get a piece of that collectable card game cheddar. We're seeing a lot of these lately, and as someone who loves card games, I welcome it. Eternal seems to skew a bit more towards the hardcore side of things, with multiple Magic-like colors, huge (compared to Hearthstone, anyway) decks, and a bunch more:..

PAX 2016: Tile Placement Game 'Lanterns: The Harvest Festival' is Coming to iOS

Continuing the trend of popular board games getting digital adaptations is Lanterns: The Harvest Festival on display at PAX. If you've never heard of it, the board game is an award winning tile placement game that has you placing lanterns to celebrate the harvest festival which has a complex matching and scoring system...

PAX 2016: 'Evolution' Hops from Board Game to iPad

Evolution is a physical board game with a pretty fascinating mechanic: You're doing everything you can with the cards you're dealt to evolve a superior life form to take over the local watering hole. We get a demo of how all the mechanics work, and like most board games, it's delightfully complicated. Things get a bit simpler in the iPad version, as all the fiddly little pieces and cards are handled automatically:..

PAX 2016: Check Out 'Neilos', a 2.5D Puzzler

Hidden away in the corner of the 6th floor show room was a really cool puzzle platformer of sorts called Neilos. Your whole goal is to find water, but the way you do it is super clever and reminds me a lot of if a game like Paper Mario leaned way more heavily on the puzzler side of things, as you can similarly shift the perspective to find other paths that might not have been totally apparent from your current perspective...

PAX 2016: Another Look at the Victorian-era Strategy Game 'Antihero'

We've covered Antihero quite a bit in the past, including last year at PAX, and this year we got another taste of the game which is now set to be released in early 2017. I still really dig the art style of the game, and the idea of a victorian-era strategy game seems like a really cool premise. Check out the latest build:..

PAX 2016: A Look at the Folktale Adventure 'Burly Men at Sea'

Hidden away in the incredibly packed Indie Mega Booth this year at PAX was the "folktale adventure" Burly Men at Sea. Like most adventure games, it's hard to demo and being on the PAX floor you can't hear the music, but I'm really digging the small taste I was able to get. What sets Burly Men at Sea apart from other adventure games, is through a control method where you're in charge of the camera instead of character movement, it feels like you take on the role of the storyteller instead of the actual characters inside of the game...

If you haven't heard of it, End of the Mine is another rad looking indie mining and resource management game available on Steam. More in line with what we're interested in, however, is their mobile companion game Endless Mine [Free] which takes place inside the same game universe but is a simplified free to play game...

PAX 2016: As 'Galak-Z: Variant Mobile' Development Continues, They've Added "Mech Mode"

Back at E3, we got a nice long look at the upcoming Galak-Z, an anime-style space shooter that has a level of attention to detail in its graphics an animations that's rarely seen in mobile. The game is slowly being improved as its developed, and at PAX they've got the newly added "mech mode" to show off...

PAX 2016: A Look at What's New in 'Super Senso'

PAX 2016: A Look at What's New in 'Super Senso'

September 4th, 2016 11:54 AM EDT by Eli Hodapp in PAX, Upcoming Games
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We've been covering Turbo's Super Senso for quite a while now. Since we last got a look at it, the game got picked up Gung Ho as a publisher and has seen a whole bunch of new tweaks, updates, and additions. Super Senso in its current form is still a great spin on Advance Wars for mobile, but changes in gameplay flow, pacing, and how you put together your armies now makes a lot more sense...

If you spent Labor Day weekend disconnected from the Internet, you missed out on our full coverage of everything iPhone gaming related at the 2009 Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle, Washington. Originally started in 2004 by Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik, authors of the Penny Arcade web comic, it has grown substantially over the years and PAX '09 was large enough to take up the entire Washington State Convention and Trade Center while completely selling out during pre-registration...

PAX '09: "Touching a New Generation: How the iPhone has Changed Portable Gaming" Panel, and New Games Detailed

The iPhone PAX Panel hosted by Pocket Gamer's Tracy Erickson started with a medly of iPhone game clips -- everything from Sway to Doom Resurrection as well as the upcoming RPG game Chronicles of Inotia 2 by Com2Us. ..

This evening at PAX I met with Don Lim, general manager at Com2Us America. First off, if you were wondering why Baseball Slugger is now known as Homerun Battle 3D [App Store], Lim cited issues trademarking the original name because of how broad the title was, and explained that a few people felt they were being mislead due to the game's name and thinking they were getting a full baseball game instead of a home run derby. If you aren't familiar with the game, it's has easily become one of our favorites...

Across from Subatomic Studios I ran in to Sam from InstantAction. He showed me an early development version of a game his company is working on called Flipt. The game plays a lot like Shift, a platform puzzle game where you can shift the game world back and forth from black and white to change the platforms you're running along...

PAX '09: 'Fieldrunners' PSPGo Levels Coming via DLC to iPhone

Wandering around the PAX floor today sniffing out iPhone news I came across Ash from Subatomic Studios showing off Fieldrunners [App Store] while handing out swag to anyone walking by. It's no secret that Fieldrunners is going to be a premiere title for the PSPGo's equivalent to the App Store. The game is obviously getting tweaked for the PSP, but the two new levels not found in the iPhone version of the game will be coming sometime this holiday season via downloadable content (DLC) at 99¢ per map...

PAX '09: 'Asphalt 5' Hands-On and Video

Ever since I saw Gameloft's Asphalt 5 at the WWDC keynote, I've been wondering how it stacks up with the existing iPhone racers, especially with competition like Need For Speed and Real Racing. ..

PAX '09: 'Shrek Kart' Hands-On and Video

I admit when I first heard about Shrek Kart I groaned a little, as everything that has anything to do with the Shrek franchise in recent years has been decidedly mediocre. I found myself quite surprised to find that Shrek Kart may actually be a turning point for the Shrekniverse, although few things can undo those terrible sequels to the original (and fairly decent) movie...

PAX '09: 'Earthworm Jim' Hands-On and Video

Gameloft's port of Earthworm Jim is, well, Earthworm Jim. If you're unfamiliar with the game, it originally appeared on the Sega Genesis in 1994, and since then saw ports on numerous platforms soon to be including the XBOX 360 via XBOX Live Arcade, the PS3 via PlayStation Network, and the Wii via WiiWare...

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