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PAX West 2019: Dungeon Crawler Puzzler ‘Plunge’ Out Now on Switch and PC, Mobile Port Possible

Two years ago at PAX West 2017 a quirky-looking dungeon crawler caught our eye at one of the little kiosks in the PAX Rising section of the show floor. The game was called Plunge from developer Spooky Buns, and it more or less combined a tile-sliding puzzler with a rogue-lite dungeon crawler. It’s a really cool formula, and at that time we were able to go hands-on with Plunge on a tablet and enjoyed it a ton. Since then Spooky Buns focused their efforts on releasing the game for desktop and consoles, and just over a week ago that’s exactly what happened when Plunge launched on Steam, on, and on the eShop for Nintendo Switch. That launch has gone well so far, but it will still be some time before Spooky Buns will know if it was successful enough to put the time and resources needed into finishing up and releasing a mobile version. The game plays great on the touchscreen and the nature of the game is very well-suited to mobile, but a mobile port isn’t a 100% lock just yet. However, Spooky Buns does seem hopeful and definitely would love to put out the game on mobile, and until the time that it actually is 100% confirmed check out our latest look at Plunge from PAX West 2019 below.