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PAX West 2019: ‘Nibblity’ is an Augmented Reality Virtual Pet Real World Scavenger Hunt Mashup

Augmented reality is a tech that seems like it’s still trying to find its place in gaming. It’s not often you see it used in a more meaningful way other than “it’s the game, but projected into the REAL WORLD!" However, some developers are genuinely doing interesting things using AR, and one that I saw this weekend at PAX West 2019 is called Nibblity from developer Leaftail Labs. It’s a game where you’re unlocking an absurd amount of adorable little creatures and then helping them grow, outfitting them with cool items, and generally keeping them happy as if they were little virtual pets. The AR allows you to project these little guys onto your tabletop, floor, or any other flat surface, but the really interesting part is an object recognition technology that lets you scan actual real world items to beam them right into the game itself. Check out the video below for a nice demo straight from the developers to get an idea of what it’s all about, and Nibblity is currently in open beta for anyone to try and in fact their object recognition technology only gets better and better with the more people who use it, so they’d love to get as many people testing the game now as possible. Check out the public Testflight demo of the game right here.