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We're staring down the barrel of a nice shake up of the meta game this week. Some of the most important cards of some of the strongest decks have been singled out. What I like about the changes is that the cards have so much innate value that I think they will still see action. Another thing I like about card changes is that sweet dust return! Hearthstone's[Free] Year of the Raven is going to be a great one if we continue to see balance passes like the one we have highlighted below...

Arena Changes, Shudderwock Rebalancing, and more 'Hearthstone' News in 'Touchstone' #123

It's time again to dive head first into some Hearthstone[Free] news! This week we're seeing some small changes to Arena as well as the card dubbed by former Lead Developer Ben Brode as 'The Craziest Card in Hearthstone.' We also got to see a few examples of new decks that have been performing well at legend rank. The Year of the Raven is now in full swing and we are continuing to see really amazing decks shine through and wow us...

The cultural phenomenon that is Fortnite[Free] just seems to keep on rolling. Today it was announced that we will be getting some more Twitch Prime loot for the juggernaut game. Included in this package is the Exclusive Battle Royale Trailblazer Outfit, the Exclusive Battle Royale True North Back Bling, Exclusive Battle Royale Tenderizer Pickaxe and the Exclusive Battle Royale Freestylin' Emote. ..

Before he left the Hearthstone[Free] team, Ben Brode gave us a glimpse into the newest game mode for the card battler in an interview he gave at Pax East. The Monster Hunt is an iteration of the well received Dungeon Run mode that was debuted in the Kobolds and Catacombs expansion. Just like in Dungeon Run, you will start with a small deck of cards and fight progressively tougher opponents culminating in an end boss show down with a deck of cards you have put together over the course of the run. Monster Hunt is shaking up the formula with four unique classes that all have special abilities and each one has their own nemesis they must defeat at the end of their run. Once all four are defeated you will venture further into the Witchwood to face off against Hagatha herself and use each of the classes to assist in bringing her down...

First Witchwood Deck Builds, Saying Goodbye to Friends, and the Dawn of the Year of the Raven in 'Touchstone' #122

Welcome once again dear readers to the Touchstone Tavern, your mobile gateway to the world of Hearthstone[Free]. Your usual guide, Mr. Tasos is on a temporary break. It has been just a few short weeks since the launch of the Witchwood Hearthstone expansion and the start of the year of the raven, but it sure feels like a lot longer. We've had some great decks take shape around this new season. While there are a few older builds still lurking, this is one of the best times to get back in and feel that fresh new game scent just permeate through the competitive standard format. ..

'Ovivo' Review - No Grey Areas

'Ovivo' Review - No Grey Areas

April 9th, 2018 7:00 PM EDT by Andrew Fretz in $1.99, 5 stars, Games, iPad Games, iPhone games, Platform, Reviews
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You don't usually think of meditation and video games in the same thought. The serene calm you search for in meditation seems antithetical to the pulse pounding shooters or brain scratching puzzles or edge of your seat cinematic story books you find in most games. It seems to be a weird way to introduce a game, as one that does not drive the brain with sensory overload. But that is a core part of Ovivo's [$0.99] identity. So enough talking about what it isn't and what it doesn't do, because there is a lot of meat on the bone of this trimmed down gem...

I got a chance to sit down for a chat with Ben Brode over the weekend during his visit to Pax East. It was an enchanting opportunity where I was able to pick the brain of the man responsible for steering one of the best games you can play on your phone. While a large amount of the conversation revolved around the impending Witchwood expansion, we dug into some of the broader topics that seem to perennially be in the hearts and minds of Hearthstone[Free]players and especially mobile players. In the past Touch Arcade has reported on the many ways that mobile developers structure their pricing and in the first question I wanted to know some more about how Hearthstone addresses some of that issue. ..

Final Hearthstone Witchwood Cards Revealed

April 9th, 2018 3:30 PM EDT by Andrew Fretz in News
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The year of the Raven is almost upon us and just this afternoon we got a look at the final cards that will be a part of Hearthstone's[Free] Witchwood expansion. There are some really strong contenders for biggest class wins right now with Priest and Warlock kind of leading the pack. Ultimately it may take some time to really feel out who came out on top though. With 3 card sets going to Wild format and one new set coming in, it is still very much a whirlwind that is hard to make complete sense of yet. We did, however, pick out some of the biggest impact cards you will see from this last batch of reveals to keep a closer eye on:..

From now until May 17 you can get the brand new Australia DLC for Civilization[Free (HD)] 6 on iPad for 50% off. The Australian faction features full housing from coastal starts. Their districts get improved yields when build in attractive terrain. They also have a new leader that provides bonus production to Australia when they have been the target of a declaration of war or have liberated a city. Led by John Curtin, champion of the Labor Party into and through World War 2, Australia brings with it a number of new goodies to the Sid Meier franchise. ..

The next Hearthstone[Free] expansion, The Witchwood, finally has a release date and it's next week! The final few card reveals are trickling in and we will be tuning in with Lead Developer Ben Brode and Sean "Day[9]" Plott as they bring in the final 20 cards on April 9 on Hearthstone's twitch channel...

Hearthstone Midweek Reveal Roundup

April 4th, 2018 2:30 PM EDT by Andrew Fretz in News
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There has been no slowing the rate at which we have been getting the new Hearthstone[Free] expansion, the Witchwood, card reveals and there is a lot of speculation brewing over the new possibilities these cards will be bringing to the meta game. We've been wondering how they will all rank with the pre-existing in-game collection. Once again we've hand picked a few that really have some tremendous potential and will probably be the cause of joy or despair depending on which side of the table you'll be on when they enter play later this month...

With all the new Hearthstone[Free] reveals going on, we're sitting down for a minute to look over what we have seen and shed a little light on what were this weeks big meta-changing cards in the Witchwood expansion. We've already looked at some of the ways Glinda Crowskin, Lord Godfrey, and Hagatha the Witch may have an impact. Today we look at a few more cards that have some far-reaching implications on what a good deck might look like in the months ahead and one very special class that seems to be behind the curve at the moment...

Blizzard Developer Peter Whalen had a sit down this afternoon with Frodan on Twitch to discuss the latest Hearthstone[Free] card reveals for the upcoming Witchwood expansion. There are some very thought provoking cards with this set of reveals including the one and only Legendary Hero card that the expansion will be releasing as well as some other big surprises. Without any more ado, I submit to you, today's card roundup:..

'Evoland 2' Review: Let's do the Timewarp Again

Shiro Games isn't the type of game company to release tons of games that are broad reaching and cover many genres. This is kind of weird because in order to be proficient at making a game like Evoland 2[$6.99], they have the chops to make a LOT of games. Unlike the original Evoland, the sequel fully explores several genres and manages a voice and a character all it's own. While the first Evoland really never fully pushed past the big names that it pays homage to, Evoland 2 will draw you in and make you forget at times that it is in many ways an almanac of gaming nostalgia. Evoland 2 just recently released on iOS as a port from the PC version, and it is a really great way to play this enchanting game...

There are very few things that really escape the insular box of E3 news. New games, new developers, even new consoles seem to float just on the surface rather than make a big enough splash to warrant coverage outside of the gaming blogosphere these days. Epic games is cashing in on the amazing uptick it has seen in its popularity with their Party Royale Celebrity Pro-AM at E3. 50 Celebrities and 50 Pro Gamers will be duking it out in a team event teams have not even been finalized yet so there is a ton of speculation on who is involved and what sort of crazy hijinks will ensue...

Hearthstone [Free] expansions are an awesome avenue that Blizzard uses to shake up their online card game and introduce new mechanics and ideas. The next expansion, The Witchwood, has a spooky motif and we just found out a new deck type that is being introduced called Even-and-Odd Cost which has cards themed around the mana cost of cards in the deck. It looks like some classes will have support for primarily odd mana cost decks and others for even mana cost decks. This is speculative at this point but that's the point of the incremental reveals of each of these Hearthstone expansions isn't it? We get to see and evaluate cards based in a vacuum and then once the whole thing comes out we can fill in the blanks and see the full picture that each game update holds for us!..

'The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands' Review: It Only Takes a Spark

I have been cycling through a lot of games lately that have very busy interfaces and give explicit instructions on every aspect of the game. Through unskippable tutorials and heavy hand holding, it feels like these games force feed you the info they think you need to be convinced to not uninstall their app. Xigma Games latest offering, The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands [$3.99], is an effervescent tonic to the plague of over information we seem to be in the midst of. ..

'Tales of Gaia' Now Soft Launched

March 5th, 2018 5:36 PM EDT by Andrew Fretz in News

When we announced back in June of last year that Snail Games, the developer of Taichi Panda [Free] and Age of Wushu [Free], was working on a new MMO, there was very little detail in regard to what the game would play like or how it would look outside of cutscenes. We are talking about it today to let you know that that game has soft-launched in several European markets, and there has since been quite a flood of beta footage and information leaked to clue us into what Tales of Gaia is all about...

'Pokémon Go' Legendary Week Starts Today

February 23rd, 2018 4:32 PM EDT by Andrew Fretz in News
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Your next big chance to pick up some legendary Pokémon starts today! The Hoenn region legendary Pokémon, Kyogre, Groudon and Rayquaza are now in Raid Battles for a limited time. From now until March 5(yes technically longer than a week, lucky you!) you can find these guys lurking in nearby Gyms just waiting to offer up some fierce combat. ..

Gacha games are all about that feel good moment when you know you are about to open up some loot in game. Idiocracy, Inc knows this and wants to hit you right in those feels with Dice Brawl: Captains League. Dice Brawl shares many characteristics of some games most of us are very familiar with, but it is ready to clash with the best of them. Sporting a more traditional tabletop style gameplay and a dash of random gameplay mechanics, Dice Brawl has a niche that suggests it will be able to compete without fully stepping on anyone's toes too much...