‘Hearthstone’ Expansion: ‘Saviors of Uldum’ Out Now!

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Today we finally get to crack open some new card packs from the newest Hearthstone(Free) Expansion, Saviors of Uldum! One of my favorite activities to do in game is to stare down a big pile of packs I bought with my saved up gold and tear through them fishing for rares and legendaries just imagining how these new cards can slide their way into my favorite decks. One big thing that was added this time around was a background updater that no longer asks you to go to the app store and manually update. Uldum in the Warcraft universe is a desert land with ancient ruins and even some nods to pop culture with their character Harrison Jones, a man who is very much like Indiana Jones. This isnt his first time gracing the Hearthstone scene, but this more than any other could be called his home turf. Find out more about Uldum in the trailer below:

While Hearthstone has always been a free to play game, there is a slow ramp into competitive play that can be assisted by purchasing more card packs. The $80 pre order pack is now gone, but the welcome bundle is only $4.99 and gives you 10 packs as well as a classic dragon legendary card. Every time a new Hearthstone expansion releases, the meta game shifts and new decks and archetypes rise to the surface. The last few seasons Mages, Hunters, Rogues and Warriors all seemed to do quite well, but its all up in the air again! There are, as always, a lot of good folks out there trying to give a heads up on the best cards you can look out for while you collect. I’ll leave you with some wisdom from a veteran of the game, Kripparrian:

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