Aftermath [$2.99] is a very atmospheric dual-stick zombie shooter that's near and dear to my heart, and I'm so thrilled to be reporting today that this incredibly niche little game has received iOS 11 support in its first update in nearly four years. This probably ties with Rogue Touch as the most surprising updates in my collection. Anyhoo, we first talked about Aftermath way back in March of 2010 just after it launched, when our own TouchArcade co-founder Arn reviewed that version of the game. Boy, our review process sure was different back then!

That was just a few weeks before I began writing for TouchArcade, and Aftermath was one of the games I adored during that time. It's no wonder then that I've been the torch bearer for covering the game in the years since. The first major update to Aftermath arrived in October of 2011. The game originally launched a few months before the announcement of the iPhone 4 and the arrival of the Retina Display resolution. It took more than a year but Aftermath finally did get in on the high-resolution goodness with that update, and it added in 5 brand new levels, a new control scheme, and some other nice additional features making an already good game even better. Our main gripe with the original release was that it was too short, and even though it still was on the shorter side, the additional levels really helped alleviate that feeling.

Aftermath's next update would come a little over a year later when full Universal iPad support was added. Being that it launched in March of 2010, it just missed out on the arrival of the iPad, and much like the Retina Display support even though it took a while to come having full support for the iPad meant the game could appeal to an entirely new segment of the iOS gaming audience. Also the then-new widescreen of the iPhone 5 was also supported with this update, and it also added in some more new quality of life features and replaced the defunct OpenFeint with Game Center.

The game's last update prior to today's was a simple no-frills compatibility update for the latest devices of the time. I guess looking back it's not that crazy that Aftermath ended up being updated for the 32-Bit Appocalypse, seeing as how there was precedent for compatibility updates, but it had been SO LONG since we've heard anything from developer TwoHeads Games and in the back of my mind I kind of thought this would be the end for my buddy Aftermath, especially as it was taken off the App Store at some point this year. Updates like this make me so happy, especially with so much uncertainty surrounding the longevity of games amidst Apple's plans with their platform and the ability for developers to continue support.

One fun fact about TwoHeads Games is that the studio is in fact developer Peter Pashley who works for Ustwo games and has worked on such titles as Whale Trail and Monument Valley. I don't know this for sure, but I'm guessing Aftermath might be a passion project of Pashley which might be what has pushed him to keep it updated over the years, even though I highly doubt it makes much money. So, if you've missed out on Aftermath these past 7(!) years and enjoy a good old-fashioned creepy zombie shooter, I can easily recommend picking this one up for three bucks not just to say thank you for a developer going above and beyond in terms of supporting his product but also because it's still one of my favorite games on my iPhone.

  • boydstr

    The graphics are outdated but when they updated the game with better character models and set pieces etc I surely would buy it.

    • Jared Nelson

      At least read the article.

      • boydstr

        I read the article and don't know what your are trying to say when they remake this game with the latest graphics etc I will buy it when I miss something explain what your mean.

  • Luzsec

    Like comz but with different style

  • echoman83

    Even better news is that Lunar: Silver star story touch finally got updated with 64-bit support!

  • Gurney Halleck

    I still love this game! It's great fun on my iPad and has tremendous replay value imho. Was very stoked to see it get some 64bit love!

  • HelperMonkey

    I played this on my iPod touch, and even with that tiny screen it sucked me in with its atmosphere.

    • Peter Pashley

      An iPod touch 2G was the only device I had when developing the game, so I guess you could say it was tailor-made for it ๐Ÿ™‚ I still love that curved back!

  • Peter Pashley

    Not sure what to say after such nice words! I couldn't bear to let Aftermath disappear with iOS 11 but I sure didn't expect anyone to notice that I'd even updated it. It felt a bit like archeology to be looking at code I wrote 8 years ago! There's a lot of things I would do differently if I were making the game now, but there are things that stand up and all in all I'm still really proud of having made the whole thing from scratch (apart from audio) myself back in the pre-Unity days.
    I would have been happy just saving Aftermath from the 'Appocalypse', but it's so nice that TA ran this, thanks Jared! When the game first came out I had no idea what I was doing, didn't have a marketing plan or anything, and people on the TA forums noticed it, picked it up and pretty much single-handedly propelled it up the chart. So it feels like a warm homecoming for Aftermath to feature in these pages again after all this time. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • VR Warehouse

      Yes, I remember this game as well. Fun times when I played. Peter what are you doing as of late? Still creating? We may have an offer for you. Reach out to me privately if you can on here or do you have a twitter? We are @VR_Warehouse