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Slick Upcoming Stunt Racer ‘Rekt’ Gets Three New Gameplay Trailers, Launching October 2nd

Two months ago we caught wind of a very cool looking trailer for an upcoming stunt driving game from developer Little Chicken Game Company simply called Rekt. The game has you driving around a large open map using a variety of vehicles to track down various jumps, ramps, and loop-de-loops in order to pull of some sweet in-air tricks. It’s sort of like if Jet Car Stunts had a baby with the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater warehouse level. At least in my mind it is. Well, Little Chicken have revealed over the weekend not one, not TWO, not THREE… oh wait, yeah, three new gameplay videos showing off Rekt in action. The first two are general gameplay trailers while the third shows off a selection of the many cool vehicles and tire options you can use in Rekt.

What’s different with Rekt this time around compared to that first gameplay trailer in July is that the game now has a mini-mission system that sees you trying to accomplish different goals during play. The graphics have also been tightened up and some new tricking possibilities have been added. And apparently you can grind those floating rails now!? The essence of Rekt isn’t really each individual trick, but successfully pulling off tricks in succession to build a combo multiplier and rack up the truly high scores. The more I see of Rekt the more I like it, and Little Chicken has said in our forums that they’re planning on launching the game on October 2nd, so not long of a wait now.