One of the most charming, lovable and fun games in the history of the App Store is Andreas Illiger's breakout hit Tiny Wings [$2.99]. Originally launched in early 2011, Tiny Wings took the world by storm with its simple, one-touch, belly-sliding gameplay, watercolor-like visuals, and absolutely killer music. It wasn't just that it was a great mobile game, but something about Tiny Wings hit players on an emotional level, and the game quickly topped the charts and dethroned the then king of the App Store Angry Birds.

Tiny Wings stayed largely unchanged for the first year or so of its existence, gaining minor new features like Game Center and new missions but mostly maintaining its simplicity. Then in July of 2012, the "sequel" to Tiny Wings hit, which actually turned out to be a massive version 2.0 update to the game which added an entire new mode called Flight School which featured new birds to play and race against across 15 hand-crafted levels. At this same time, an iPad version of the game called Tiny Wings HD [$2.99 (HD)] was released which featured all the Flight School content as well as an extremely fun same-device multiplayer mode. Later in the year the original iPhone version was updated with widescreen support, and that was pretty much the last major update to the game.

Well it's been a while, and I guess Andreas Illiger still wasn't finished with Tiny Wings as just now a new update has hit the App Store which adds a new area to the Flight School portion of the game called Tuna Islands which consists of five new levels and one pretty big new feature. That new feature is… tunnels! Yes, throughout the levels there will occasionally be a tunnel dug into the terrain, and if you're skilled enough to land inside of it, the tunnel will give you a nice shortcut. It's really neat. If you happen to miss the tunnel, well, in my experience you're going to run into some pretty tough terrain like steep, bumpy hills and plenty of patches of water that will all work to slow you down. Basically, you're going to want to hit those tunnels.


Tiny Wings has never, ever left my device, and never will. I'd still be perfectly happy playing the original version that launched more than three years ago, but with that big old version 2.0 update in 2012 and now a set of new levels today (with still more levels said to be "coming soon" in the game) I'm even more pleased with how great Tiny Wings is. The new tunnels are actually a pretty big addition to the normal gameplay, and I'm having fun working my way through the five new levels. If you somehow don't own Tiny Wings yet, then now is the perfect chance to see what you've been missing.

  • lll Anubis lll

    Wow, now this is a truly great developer. If they ever need an organ transplant I will gladly find a fresh sacrifice for them.

    • the_rebel14

      Well... That escalated quickly. But I agree completely. These guys have put so much into this game it's incredible. Them and their game are truly worthy of a very prestigious spot in App Store history.

  • oscar123967

    Awesome. It is a great game, I'm glad to see it get content updates even though the dev says he doesn't have much time on his hands. Nice man

    Any chance of making a thread (or article) of a list (or home page screen shots)of the games you've kept on your device Jared? I'm a bit interested considering I have a similar taste in games.

  • thiagovscoelho

    wow that is awesome this is the best and also very cool the guys who made it are really nice

  • trazer

    This game remains on my ipad always too, small enough to keep and a real gem of a game. You can't go wrong with this game, looks and plays great and is a perfect pick up and play touchscreen game.

  • Mj1ggy

    After the 2.0 update went live, I immediately bought Tiny Wings because I thought it was very cool of the developer to release it as an update rather than an entirely new game. Now I guess I gotta get the HD version? It's rare today to see someone just want to make fans happy rather than repeatedly get into their wallets.

    • oscar123967

      Well its a big game with a big casual gamer fan base. Many many casual gamers, including myself, see $4.99 as... well 4.99

      • Mj1ggy

        Other than "casual gamers hate paying for anything", I don't really understand your comment. Are you saying that he couldn't have released Tiny Wings 2 because people wouldn't have bought it if they already owned the first one? Even if only a portion of people bought the new game at 0.99-1.99 he could have made another million dollars but instead he gave out new content as a free update. What 4.99 are you referring to?

      • oscar123967

        I meant that theres no problem with buying the HD version and the normal version its just a few bucks 🙂 Even if he released the update as a paid update, I wouldn't mind & a bunch of casual gamers wouldn't have as well. And sorry I meant $4 lol, was a little sleepy when I wrote that hah

  • dibdib

    It's a shame more devs don't aspire toward Illiger instead of Zynga and King. This is the game that knocked down Angry Birds, back when it meant something before Apple changed the algorithm. And he did it without IAP, without charging for the v2 update, without requiring internet or forcing people to register accounts, nor pushing scummy notifications and plastering his app with Facebook and Twitter and goading people into marketing it for him, or any of the other bottom feeding tactics of mobile apps. He made a great game and that was it.

  • TouchMint

    Great polished game play and awesome music!

  • FlavorDave

    I LOVE this game! It's been on my device since day 1 and will never be deleted.

  • kdash2008

    Tiny Wings is awesome !!!