amigalogoClassic gaming console fans rejoice: today Amiga Games, Inc. announced that they are getting set to release games for the iOS platform, iMore reports. The Amiga was a line of personal computers sold by Commodore during the '80s and '90s, and has seen a fantastic library of classic games throughout its history. Unfortunately, details as to what games will be released aren't included in today's press release, but it does note that "Amiga Games will customize its classic Amiga titles for Apple's iOS, including iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad devices, and will support Apple's upcoming iOS 7 game controllers."

The iOS platform has been home to many classic game rebirths over the years, many times in compilation form such as the Vectrex [Free], Commodore 64 [$4.99] and Atari's Greatest Hits [Free]. There's also been some great one-off releases of Amiga classics like Battle Squadron One [$3.99], Alien Breed [Free], Babylonian Twins [Free], Defender of the Crown [$2.99] and the fantastic pinball titles Pinball Dreams [$1.99 / Free] and Pinball Fantasies [$2.99] (as well as their fantastic remade versions).

Basically, what I'm getting a, is the ability to carry around classic games like the examples noted above in our pockets at all times makes the iOS platform a retro gaming enthusiast's dream come true. However, controls have always been kind of an issue as by definition classic games like these were designed for the physical controls of the systems they were on, and weird virtual controls have often rendered these reissues more of a novelty as opposed to something you can break your own personal high score records with. iOS 7 Controller support might be just what the doctor ordered. Amiga Games says they'll be releasing something before the end of 2013, and we'll be keeping an eye out for details as to what games will be part of the iOS library soon.


  • Tommy

    *faints again*

    • Jaklar

      I was going to help you up after you fainted twice, but then I fainted.

      This news turned a crap day into rainbows and kittens.

      I remember my old Amiga 500 (and 1200 and 4000) with joy. What a machine.

      • Stustaff

        I still have a 1200 in my loft, think I only kept a few games.
        Alien breed
        Super skidmarks
        Deluxe paint 😉
        Kick off 2
        Blood money
        Cannon fodder

      • Robert McGovern

        Great selection. I have most of those too.

      • aceupsleeves

        Anything from psygnosis. Leander, lemmings, awesome, blood money, killing game show, shadow of the beast

      • jabbasoft

        Hired guns local multiplayer. Lotus esprit turbo challenge 2 local multiplayer. Many happy hours 🙂

      • Tommy

        I'd argue Deluxe Paint is still the best piece of software to ever come out of EA.

      • Tommy

        Mine was an Amiga 500 household, best computer I've ever had. I would go bananas for Push-Over, Benefactor or Transarctica on iPad.

  • spsummer

    Freaking awesome, can't wait.

  • Spudboy

    I'm ready to buy. Amiga Forever!

  • Kane

    Although I didn't grow up playing Amiga, I do hope this. paves way for other retro games to make there way to iOS.

    I think with controller support added to iOS 7, will make this become a reality like we are seeing here with Amiga.

  • KaoseT


  • MasviL

    So Sensible Soccer, Creatures and Turrican are coming. Great! 🙂

  • Drizzt79

    I wonder how "Faerytale" holds up after all these years?

  • anabolicMike

    I'm a loser. This is why I have an android device. Nes,SNES, genesis, masters, gameboy (all), Commodore 64, Amiga, Atari, psx. I got em all. 1000s of games! Yes I um own the physical copy of each one. Very cool. God I love pitfall2. God I love jumpman. I don't care what the new generations say.... Graphics don't matter! It's all about gameplay!

  • Jay Imerman

    Faint...wake up. I thought when I sold my 2000 I was saying bye forever. Archon? The iOS one sucks. How about the Three Stooges?

  • Earth Vs. Me

    I'm so used to gaming articles that make me feel old, it's pretty cool to read something that makes me feel young for a change 🙂 I'm looking forward to playing some of the Amiga classics I missed as a fetus.

    • tinkie277

      I was very very young at the time.... That's what I keep telling myself.

  • saucybag

    Cannon Fodder ... Amiga Cannon Fodder with those epic lyrics that got ripped out of the Snes version which I ended up with. If this happens for me that part of my life will finally be complete

  • tinkie277

    Dyna Blasters? Online multiplayer? I hope for nostalgia purposes it shows a floppy disk going into a drive before the game starts.... That would be awesome.

  • PresidentZer0

    How about some "console like" 3d ga,es with mfi?...

  • Hawaii Jeff

    Faerytale Adventure!
    Starglider 2!
    That cinemaware Sinbad game!

  • Kyle

    But can I plug in my Mega Drive controller?

    More seriously, I don't remember games on Amiga being designed for a controller anyway? They were mostly mouse + keyboard or joystick + keyboard (since the joysticks/gamepads only had 1-3 buttons).

    • Torque2k

      Only?! The Atari 2600 lived a long and happy life with an 8-direction joystick with ONE button. Oh, and they could be used on the Commodores of the time, including Amiga. I used one for Flight Simulator, actually!

      • Kyle

        The thing about Amiga though was that you couldn't just lay back and use the joystick/gamepad because there was still 10 other functions only bound to the keyboard.

      • Torque2k

        🙂 I had the 1000, keyboard was corded (and had a cool parking spot under the case, to boot).

        I actually made the mistake of listening to my wife about slimming down the "compu-graveyard", and tossed the ol' Amiga into the recycler last year. The computer, not my wife.

  • PCKid

    Carrier Command. That's it!

  • xStatiCa

    Please Starglider 2 and Armour-Geddon

  • Gurney Halleck

    It Came from the Desert!!

  • trekkie4ever1

    I had the original Amiga 1000, and an Amiga 1200. I'd love to see The Killing Game Show.

  • fangerdanga

    Give me Deuteros, Settlers, Carrier Command, Speed Ball and Midwinter

  • steviebwoy

    That is all.

  • Matt F

    There's going to be a bunch of Cinemaware Amiga games released on iOS soon, to complement Defender of the Crown's release

  • FuZion

    Yes, yes... A little more yes. Some yes thrown in for good measure. And a dash of YESSSSSS to top it all off.

  • DJ

    bring back Death Sword and Stunt Car Driver!

    • jabbasoft

      Stunt car driver is surely up for a remake/revamp, in the interim lets have the Amiga version..

  • obamakilledusa

    Time bandit was the best amiga game.

  • Blacksheep013

    So, it is half january 2014 now. I did not see appear any classic Amiga game around the holidays in the appstore. Was this a marketing joke or can we expect something in the near future?

  • DamienMcKenna

    It's now April 2014 and there's no sign of anything from Amiga Games Inc or the parent company's other gaming subsidiary, Retro Infinity. 🙁

    • FuZion

      I've been looking out for these too.

      Slow going on the updates eh.

      • DamienMcKenna

        Yeah, another four months and still nothing. I really seems like this was a bait-n-switch to get some free marketing for their software for other platforms.