Classic Amiga Games Heading to iOS this Year with Full iOS 7 Controller Support

amigalogoClassic gaming console fans rejoice: today Amiga Games, Inc. announced that they are getting set to release games for the iOS platform, iMore reports. The Amiga was a line of personal computers sold by Commodore during the ’80s and ’90s, and has seen a fantastic library of classic games throughout its history. Unfortunately, details as to what games will be released aren’t included in today’s press release, but it does note that “Amiga Games will customize its classic Amiga titles for Apple’s iOS, including iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad devices, and will support Apple’s upcoming iOS 7 game controllers."

The iOS platform has been home to many classic game rebirths over the years, many times in compilation form such as the Vectrex (Free), Commodore 64 ($4.99) and Atari’s Greatest Hits (Free). There’s also been some great one-off releases of Amiga classics like Battle Squadron One ($3.99), Alien Breed (Free), Babylonian Twins (Free), Defender of the Crown ($2.99) and the fantastic pinball titles Pinball Dreams ($1.99) and Pinball Fantasies ($2.99) (as well as their fantastic remade versions).

Basically, what I’m getting a, is the ability to carry around classic games like the examples noted above in our pockets at all times makes the iOS platform a retro gaming enthusiast’s dream come true. However, controls have always been kind of an issue as by definition classic games like these were designed for the physical controls of the systems they were on, and weird virtual controls have often rendered these reissues more of a novelty as opposed to something you can break your own personal high score records with. iOS 7 Controller support might be just what the doctor ordered. Amiga Games says they’ll be releasing something before the end of 2013, and we’ll be keeping an eye out for details as to what games will be part of the iOS library soon.