caveCAVE are among the best when it comes to the fairly niche bullet-hell shooter genre, and they've been pumping out hit after hit on consoles and in arcades for nearly two decades. They've also found great success porting their hit games to the iOS platform, where the top-down scrolling shooter has thrived making a transition to a button-less touchscreen. They've even released a couple of original mobile titles like Mushihimasama Bug Panic and Dodonpachi Maximum. Basically what i'm trying to say is that CAVE plus the mobile platform has brought forth many excellent games for us to play, and as a way to say thanks to all their fans the company is throwing a week-long sale on nearly all their iOS titles. Here's a full list.

If you're looking at this list and feeling lost as to which game or games you should be picking up, then definitely check out our reviews and the impressions in each game's forum thread, which should tell you pretty much anything you need to know. Also each one of these games has a lite version to try for free, for a hands-on feel of what you're getting. Honestly all of these games are easy recommendations for shooter fans, and my only real wish–barring Dodonpachi Maximum–is widescreen support for the iPhone 5. Maybe someday, eh CAVE? At any rate, all the sales above go all week long and into Sunday, so be sure to take advantage of the savings while you can.

  • Scape3d

    From the screenshots of each review, these look like the same game!

    • TheGrimCreeper

      They all do look alike. Same games over & over.

      • toby7ten

        By making that assumption, you are seriously missing out on the best games for iOS. But, your loss.

      • PallaZ

        I don't like those kind of games :/

      • 7lilwhitewolf7


      • themostunclean

        To these commenters' credit, there isn't a whole hell of a lot of variety in the bullet-hell/shmup genre.

      • Scape3d

        I believe you if you say they're great games. I'm just pointing out how insanely similar they look to one another.

    • MonkeyChunks

      I own almost every game they released on console (as far as I know only do Xbox 360, not even 1 on ps3) and while they do look the same the graphics, music, and action varies greatly actually. You have to have experience with shmups and "bullet hell" games to understand what's different in them. Patterns change, the background animations and enemies have a wide variety. Scoring is different. You have to pull off different tricks according to game rules to get highest score in mode of your choice. It is not just shooting all that moves when it comes to scores. Sometimes you have to activate a special power to turn bullets into collectible chunks and coins, sometimes never die etc. leader boards are always active.

      The very excellent soundtracks of each game are also unique. They're sort of happy "panicky" techno or jpop techno (no singing), but must importantly each game their own unique set f music.

      Best analogy would be pinball. Same concept, different table and rules.

      Try the lite versions first, they'll demonstrate full features of the game for one or two stages.

      • Cheeseball

        "Best analogy would be pinball. Same concept, different table and rules."

        You hit the nail on the head.

      • 7lilwhitewolf7


  • Peter

    I own every game on that list and totally recommend all of them! But you can skip Bug Princess 2 as BP2 Black Label is much better.

    My favorites are BP2 Black Label, Espgaluda II, Deathsmiles and Dodonpachi Resurrection.

    • armilla

      I'll second the BP2:BL!

    • armilla

      I'd also recommend BP2: BL, as it's my personal favorite!

    • MonkeyChunks

      All of these games are exceptionally well done.

  • witedahlia

    Yep, finally got me some Bug Princess 2 Black Label!

  • ImJPaul

    I just wish deathsmiles was full screen on the iPhone 5 without borders. Would make the experience so much more enjoyable.

  • SinisterSteve

    What's the best game on the list? I'm not sure which one to get.

    • 7lilwhitewolf7

      Your curiosity is sinister Mr. Steve.
      All. Each has a lite. I started wit Bug Princess,BL
      Being my fav, ended wit Deathsmiles. Which one is in your wallet?