Podcast-Illustration-0121This week on the TouchArcade Show, we circle back around and finish our discussion about the big reveals at E3. Most of the conversation deals with DRM and the delivery of games on Xbox One and PS4. Of course, we also touch on Microsoft's 180 on its policies and the all-digital future we're all heading towards. Later in the show, we do talk about iPhone and iPad stuff. At the top of our Games section we praise new games like 2K Games' XCOM: Enemy Unknown. In the news section, we also discuss the removal of Baldur's Gate and all those cool MFi controller rumors.

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Next week we'll really bunker down and talk some iOS now that E3 is out of the way. Here are your show notes:



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  • Chris Brady

    So we're going all digital In five years? Seriously? Like the book market has? Oh, wait it hasn't! And you know why? Because having a hard copy makes most customers feel like they own said product. In fact, we were supposed to go all digital with Music, back in the Napster days. And yet CD sales are up, no matter what the RMAA wants you to believe.

    You know all those games you buy digitally? You don't own most of them. You can't resell them, you can't share them. Worse, most EULA or ToS pretty much say you're renting that fifty to sixty dollar piece of software.

    If you guys are OK with that, that's nice but most people are not. And, oh yeah do you know that one of the largest US organizations are huge XBox gamers? The U.S. Military. And they, out in the field have lousy Internet service, mainly because, A) it's satellite, meaning a good cloud can disrupt that service for hours. And B) it's also their main form of communication, which co-opts any other signal when in use.

    As for the 180 on the XBOX One policies, rumour (which is unsubstantiated) has it that a U.S. General called up Microsoft and figuratively slapped them and told them to stop that DRM crap.

    • http://twitter.com/JaredTA Jared Nelson

      Thank you for your condescending comment.

      • handycapman

        Condescending but accurate.

      • Chris Brady

        Sorry for the tone, I'm a bit hungry and that makes me cranky. I apologize.

        But I've been hearing about the death f physical media for literally the last 20 years. It hasn't happened yet, and I seriously doubt it'll happen any time soon. Twenty years from now? OK, I'll give you that, good chance of it, but right now, with the frantic search to protect IPs from dilution, copyright lawsuits, the inability to restrict copying in a way that allows for digital trading like physical trading, it's not going to happen this soon as five years.

        And like I said, the book market is still here, as is music and video/movies. We as a people like our stuff. And having our stuff makes us feel like it's ours. Even when we don't actually own it. It's a very powerful feeling, and it gives a sense of permanence.

        This is why there was such a push against Microsoft. Their new console still isn't getting the pre-orders they want BECAUSE no one believes their flip flop is genuine. Couple that with Entertainment fascination, and they will likely be struggling for at least the next year to get people to buy it.

      • Anthony

        You say "no one believes their flip flop is genuine"? You said in the first comment that they haven't actually done anything.

    • blackbear219

      Video games are entertainment. If you don't agree to the terms of the entertainment, don't pay for it.

      • Chris Brady

        It's never that easy. Wish it was. Take Diablo 3. You might hate Blizzard's policies, but the only way you're ever going to play it is by agreeing with them. Now you can be a better man by not buying, but most won't. They'll suck it up and whine, but they'll still own the game. So who's better off? I don't have an answer for that.

    • Karzay

      Have you been to Target, Walmart, Best Buy recently? Their software sections are shrinking and it's because people are downloading games more now than before. It's like the CD replacing cassette tapes or cassette tapes replacing vinyl records. It's the natural progression of technology.

      Being angry at DRM is fine, but you will have to embrace digital content within the next 10 years or be left behind. You may not like it, but that's where everything is going.

      • Anthony

        Like I said in a previous comment, you can't assume people's motives. You are referencing your local stores which is an incomplete sample size.

  • XvEsunavX

    I don't like digital content usually. I live having disc, cartridges, cases, and instruction manuals. I still love my sealed copy of earthbound and what would I have if it were digital? Nada! And what about when they stop support for things or when companies get bought out? I lost all my direct2drive purchases when gamefly bought em. They say tough crap. I'm not looking forward yo this on a larger scale.

    • Chris Brady

      And this is an important point. If Steam ever goes down for any reason, or you get your account hacked, you've lost your entire library of games. All of them.

      Anecdote: a Podcaster I listen too (Axe Factor, for general gaming and humour) lost access to his Steam account for several months ago, it took them a week, before they got back to him. And in that week, he couldn't play any game.

      You sure you want everything in one place that isn't physical? Personally, I don't, I love gaming too much to stop.

      • Karzay

        I don't buy games on Steam, but I bought many on Direct2Drive and GOG. It's always a good idea to save your digital downloads to disc or to an external hard drive. If I'm not mistaken, D2D even reminded you to back it up somewhere.

      • hourglass

        I hate buying expensive games online. So I don't do it. I stick to the App Store, and the endless numbers of casual and hardcore games contained within in.

    • Anthony

      If EathBound were digital then more people could enjoy it and it would probably help Nintendo's profit. I think that EarthBound, like other "cult classics", now has a zeitgeist around it. People who have heard about it want to try it for themselves. Just a thought.

  • hellscaretaker

    i reported the sponsor to Apple for the lifting of the game inner works from plague, Apple refunded me the money nice one Apple

  • handycapman

    Would you rather have a digital girlfriend who costs a little less, or a real one that costs more? It's so easy...

    • Karzay

      Horrible analogy. You don't buy girlfriends... do you?

    • Anthony

      You're gross.

  • http://www.youtube.com/MetalJesusRocks Metal Jesus Rocks

    I hated the 24 hour check-in for the Xbox One. Why? Cuz I'm a big video game collector...everything from the Atari 2600 through NES to Dreamcast... Xbox 360. Over 40 years of stuff and 2,500 physical games in my collection. There was no way was i was going to buy a full price Xbox One game, if in 10 or 15 years was going to make those unplayable when they shut down those servers.

  • Tondog

    I love you guys and your podcast, but it's truly bewildering how willing you guys are to accept whatever Microsoft feeds you with the Xbox One. Like you won't even consider Sony as a viable system.

    • http://twitter.com/JaredTA Jared Nelson

      ?? On the last few podcasts we've talked about Sony and I've personally said how I'm more excited for it than the Xbox One.

  • Aaron Marroquin

    Ok guys, Serious question. Can you start reviewing 3DS titles? It IS a touch system. And you guys seem to LOVE the system. Or are you guys gonna keep doing only iOS? Anyways, just a thought.

  • Fredrik Stål