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TA Plays: ‘XCOM: Enemy Unknown’ – A Near-Flawless Port of an Incredible PC And Console Game

xcomiconXCOM: Enemy Unknown on iPhone and iPad is pretty rad. I’m impressed, particularly, with how many features of the game made it over. I mean, functionally, this is the same game that is available on PC and consoles, except with touch-friendly UI tweaks. Multiplayer is indeed missing, but I never really considered it a big-time feature. It feels pretty barebones and tacked-on in comparison to other offerings from the genre.

Anyway, you’ve read about it this morning, now see it in action. Eli and I spent about 30 minutes earlier today in an attempt to go through basically everything Enemy Unknown has to offer. We get into a couple of battles, manage some panic, and generally play around in the XCOM base:

As for a “port report" since everyone’s asking about how it performs on various devices: we’re pretty pleased with the game’s performance on iPad mini, iPhone 5, and iPad 4. Smooth framerates and everything. The installed game takes up about 3.5 GBs of space, so clear some room.

International App Store LinkXCOM: Enemy Unknown, $19.99