Just last week we posted a new trailer for the Phase 3 update for the futuristic racer Repulze [$0.99], and it seems the Apple approval process went rather smoothly as the update popped up in the App Store today.

To quickly summarize, Repulze is a racing game with a focus on speed and a futuristic look, something akin to the Wipeout series. We enjoyed the original game as well as the Phase 2 update earlier in the year, but the action was focused on single car time-trial style racing rather than actually racing against opponents or battling with weaponry like in the Wipeout games.

Not a bad thing by any means, because Repulze did what it intended to do very well, but it wasn't exactly what some fans were looking for from the game. Today's update takes Repulze closer in the direction of what those fans were asking for with the introduction of AI opponents and a new weapon system to use during races.

I've been saying this for a while, but Repulze is one of my favorite racing games to come along in a while. I enjoyed its original iteration, the Phase 2 update, and I'm looking forward to spending some time with the new Phase 3. Check out our forums for some more impressions of the new update and be sure to give Repulze a look if you're looking to quench your need for speed (and vehicular combat).

  • rurmel

    Awesome 😀

  • PureRumble

    Just played one of the phase 3 tracks...

    Ey f•ck man what u gotta smoke to come up with track designs like that?!

    That combined with the insane jumps n speed...

    Just blew my mind away!

  • diaskeaus

    First comments: you are restricted to only 21 toolkits, but most if the cars require 25 toolkits to upgrade your car with a gun. Currently there is no "free" way to grind for the necessary toolkits, which means everyone is obligated to spend an extra dollar per two cars if the want to upgrade their cars for combat (unless you want to stick with the Power Rip skill, which carries through and you can progress through the stages just fine without any upgrades.

    But there is a TON of IAP in the new update, so beware. And all of it us for currency, nothing you can unlock on your own without spending extra money.

    • PB_fredrik

      Actually, there's no toolkit restrictions or need for any IAP to get the weapons. You will increase your maximum storage limit as you rank up (by simply racing).

      • Adams Immersive

        Thanks for the info. Diaskeaus had me worried!

    • JRaynor

      that's what happen when you talk without having a clue

  • flyingeye

    As someone who will always pick Wipeout over something like Need For Speed this is probably my favorite racing game on the iPad and the update is fantastic. Anyone who was sad to see Sony shutter Studio Liverpool should take heart in this game. That said, the IAP does look a little jarring at first, but its honestly not game breaking.

  • Lasercar7

    I really hope Phase IV will have actual multiplayer!