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GDC 2013: Hands-on With Fishlabs’ Upcoming Free-To-Play Strategy ‘Galaxy On Fire’ Game

Galaxy on Fire: Alliances is the next game from Galaxy on Fire creator Fishlabs. It’s a different take on the IP, combining asynchronous turn-based strategy with grand battles of Galaxy on Fire proper. At the top-level, it’s a game about conquering territories and utilizing their resources to take more. Built with the free-to-play model baked in, it’s a heavily timer-based title that has you chilling out and waiting for ship and character upgrades and such.

What we saw earlier at this GDC was a small look at an alpha build, but it’s a telling one. You’ll get to see how players take planets, how you’ll be able to upgrade, and how the cooperative “clan" component works.

Galaxy on Fire: Alliances is due out this year.