After piquing our interest with its lush, gorgeous visuals back in July, the pacifist's action adventure game Lili [$0.99] finally hit the App Store back in September and was amongst the first to harness the larger screen of the then-new iPhone 5. We took it for a test spin in our TA Plays video and enjoyed the heck out of it in our full review, despite a few niggles which were promptly taken care of in a post-release update.

After seeing a brief price drop last month in celebration of the new iPod touch hitting the market, Lili is once again on sale for the low low price of 99¢.

During last month's price drop many gamers noted that they'd paid the full original price of $4.99 for Lili and had no regrets over doing so, something that's sort of rare for the typical iOS gamer. So I'll venture out and say that for 99¢ it's an absolute steal. If you need further information or have questions about Lili then check out our forums, but definitely take advantage of this sale while you can if you have any interest in beautiful adventures.

  • iVaro

    Picked it up. Still waiting on Horn though

    • dafa

      Don't get Horn. It was awarded all kinds of award, but I don't find it worthy of even spending a dollar on it. It's just sluggish and its execution is poorly done without optimization. I bought it looking at the screenshots and comments by all, but I ended up deleting it after playing it for 2 minutes, disgusted.

      • iammane

        Disagree, if it goes down to .99 it's totally worth it. Just not everyone's cup of tea I guess... Hell I paid full price for it and thought it was worth it. Got a little derivative but otherwise was very nice

      • swatbot

        I'd pay .99 for it. It was fun for the first two hours when you had NPCs coming along for the ride and completely new things to explore, then it became incredibly repetitive. It feels more like an alpha release than a finished game.

      • m34ch

        I agree. I loved Horn for the first hour or so, then, as I got into subsequent "worlds", I got bored with the game. Ultimately, I got to the final stages but never finished it, because I stopped enjoying myself. (Plus the latest GOF2 add-on released...)

        My question here is, Horn and Lili look very similar. I'm worried that I'll tire if this game too. How much exploration is there? Horn ended up only giving the illusion of exploration & open world- there never really was anywhere to go or any reason to poke around.

        Is there more to Lili than that?

      • swatbot

        I probably made it about as far into Horn as you and eventually got bored. The parts I enjoyed were when travelling between areas. Those parts tended to have plot development, whereas the 'dungeon' areas in the towns relied on lots and lots of copy/paste. The bow and arrow puzzles really got old too. It's a shame really, there was a lot I liked about Horn. It should have been two hours long, instead it artificially padded.

        I've played Lili for about an hour and a half and I've seen the first two areas. Don't expect anything huge. However the areas are towns you can walk around instead of linear paths. There's some buildings in each area you can go into, and NPCs walking about to talk to and do quests for, hence you do have to explore what is there. I made it through Horn randomly swiping the screen--you can't in this game, you actually have to learn the battle mechanics. I won't claim it's the greatest thing since sliced bread, since I haven't gotten too far into the game yet, but so far it has held my interest. Youtube gameplay videos should give you an idea...

  • Hex Blade

    Did they eventually get this to run on the iPod touch 4g?

    • Firetruck94


      • alex13111

        And it never will. When will people stop asking?

      • DrNefario

        Maybe when it doesn't say "Doesn't support the iPod 4G YET" in the description?

        I just bought this on my iPod Touch 4G. This post is mainly to remind me that I need to move it to my iPad to play it. (I don't bring the iPad to work.)

  • swarmster

    Does "a few niggles which were promptly taken care of in a post-release update" by any chance mean they addressed the lack of iCloud support? The app description doesn't mention it so I'm guessing no, despite their claims to be working on it around release (or did they just say that to get in a keynote?).

  • dyscode

    With a total price of $1 this is actually a bargain. Because one will have a real hard time to finish the game without the Flower and Coin Doubler, IMHO. At leat the Flower Doubler is a must.
    Other thatn that a real great game!

    • Stitchpunk

      Gotta disagree, I finished the game and the only IAP I made was a different outfit for Lili. It did take me a bit longer, something like 8.5 hours, but I got all but 1 piece of treasure and defeated all but 2 of the baddies. I didn't mind taking the extra time because I was enjoying it so much; now that it's done I miss the characters and am hoping for a sequel!

      • seanec89

        They need to fix the fact that if you buy IAP and delete your game (not even the app) just your game. There is no way to get your IAP back. And you'll have to re buy every thing. Seems a little unfair. I bet the game and wanted to play it again on hard when I made a new file my master key IAP was gone with no way to redeem it.

  • bigjack66

    I hate these Ninty style kiddy twee games like this. Yet I love Lili so what does that say about it? I like everything from Lili herself the island an the colourful characters. I've been thought three times now. Paid full price and its definitely worth it! Next game Gunner Z big departure from this! Look forward to it.