Stunning RPG Adventure ‘Lili’ Drops to a Buck

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After piquing our interest with its lush, gorgeous visuals back in July, the pacifist’s action adventure game Lili ($0.99) finally hit the App Store back in September and was amongst the first to harness the larger screen of the then-new iPhone 5. We took it for a test spin in our TA Plays video and enjoyed the heck out of it in our full review, despite a few niggles which were promptly taken care of in a post-release update.

After seeing a brief price drop last month in celebration of the new iPod touch hitting the market, Lili is once again on sale for the low low price of 99¢.

During last month’s price drop many gamers noted that they’d paid the full original price of $4.99 for Lili and had no regrets over doing so, something that’s sort of rare for the typical iOS gamer. So I’ll venture out and say that for 99¢ it’s an absolute steal. If you need further information or have questions about Lili then check out our forums, but definitely take advantage of this sale while you can if you have any interest in beautiful adventures.

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