In March of 2009, id Software released the grandfather of all first-person shooters, their 1992 classic Wolfenstein 3D [$1.99], to the App Store. Besides being a piece of gaming history that you could fit snugly into your pocket, Wolf 3D was also noteworthy for having the most usable touch screen controls for an FPS seen thus far on iOS.

Not long after its initial release, Wolfenstein 3D on iOS received a huge update that added in all of the Spear of Destiny expansion pack levels as well as the ability to load custom levels into the game. Then last summer, another sweet update hit that added Universal and Retina Display support to the game, and it played fantastically on the large screen of the iPad.

Now for the first time ever id Software is offering Wolfenstein 3D Classic on iOS for free, most likely to celebrate its 20th anniversary. If you’ve somehow never got around to picking up Wolf 3D on the App Store, now is your chance to strike, as the game is an absolute classic that plays wonderfully on iOS and must be experienced.

I have a sneaking suspicion we’ll be hearing more iOS plans from id when QuakeCon gets rolling in August – I refuse to give up hope on the long-awaited iOS versions of Quake and Doom II – but until then make sure you don’t miss out on grabbing the grandfather of FPS on iOS while free.

  • Eric Sapp

    Wasn't there supposed to be another iOS game set in the Rage universe that was supposed to highlight the driving? I may be dreaming, but I seem to remember something being said about that. We'll probably never see anything (if I'm not dreaming) though, since Rage flopped.


      Why do you feel Rage flopped, other than making little money. I really like it and feel it is a quite solid game.

    • Jay

       Did Rage flop?  I loved that game (for the PC, that is).

  • Adams Immersive

    For whatever reason, the original DOS version of this game is also available—as part of the free Aemula Oldies app (pack of old games). And that version supports iCade! (As well as video-out and an optional remote-controller app.) I suppose it may be limited shareware (with no way to pay/upgrade), but having played through a couple levels, I haven’t run into any wall yet.

    • MrJR

      The original .exe, which is what Aemula Oldies uses, has been released as freeware, so there are no limitations.

      • Adams Immersive

        Good to know! Thanks.

  • CroRock

    Its not available in Croatian store, just Lite version with IAP unlock. But thanks anyway

    • Brandon Blokzijl

      Maybe someone could gift it to you? No idea if that would work, but still worth a shot?

      • Lamis Ghaly

        No they can't. PLEASE DON'T TRY THAT. Gifting isn't allowed between different stores, that person will end up wasting his money, cause you wont be able to redeem the code. Google that if you don't believe it

      • MrJR

        You also can't gift a free app...

  • Laszlo Tuss

    Its cool, but the removed the Doom's multiplayer with an universal support, and than we won't get it back ...
    WHY? :((