Oh, snap, we almost missed this one: Kairosoft is in the third day of a “limited time” sale for two of its more recent releases, Grand Prix Story [$1.99] and Pocket Academy [$1.99]. As of right now, you can grab them at $1.99 instead of their usual $3.99 price tag. If you’ve been holding out on either until their prices took a dive, now’s the time to flip a couple of bucks at the simulation gurus at the studio. This is about as low as its prices go, in general.

Grand Prix Story and Pocket Academy are two of the studio’s most inventive releases. They adhere to the same basic formula of Game Dev Story [$3.99 / Lite], sure, but they also hit notes that GDS couldn’t. Pocket Academy manages to make people important, while Grand Prix stresses team management, iteration, and consistent success from every pore. We recommend both, too.

Oh! And before you leave us -- we’ve got a feeling that this sale is leading into another release this month. Specifically, we wouldn’t be surprised if Kairosoft’s answer to SimCity cropped up on the US' App Store around the 8th.

  • UmbraVir

    I've never understood the attraction of these games.

  • Guillaume Delarue

    More! More! We want more! No need to slash the price of existing games, Kairosoft, everyone already has them! Now we want new games (what about Pocket League Story? It's up already on Android)