This is one of the few times I’ll ever write the words “Oh snap” and mean them. Oh snap: more than likely, the next Kairosoft App Store release will be Mega Mall Story, the studio’s own spin on simulation tower games. Provided it’s actually worming it’s way through certification, it’ll hit at an odd moment in time where tower simulations have some actual steam. Yoot Tower [$7.99] was a nice re-injection, but Tiny Tower [Free] is putting the genre over the edge.

To be frank, half of my excitement at the moment is simply from knowing what Kairosoft’s next title is. The studio is generally pretty bad with its communication. I don’t think anyone saw Game Dev Story [$3.99] coming, but we should have, at least, received indications that Pocket Academy [$3.99Lite] and Hot Springs Story [$3.99Lite] were slated to be follow-ups in the US.

The reason why we know is thanks to the official Kairosoft web site. Tucked under it’s other iOS game banners is this message with a Mega Mall banner on top of it: “According to a well-informed source, a hot new app is bound for release soon... how about passing on the word via Twitter and other social media?” Done and done! Now, give me! Thanks!

  • jon

    Hopefully iOS will get Grand Prix Story soon too, Android's had it for a little while and it's pretty strong, better than Hot Springs Story.

    • Albert Lee

      lol i said the same thing you must have posted a split sec quicker.

      • Dib

        No, you blurted out some inarticulate string of words bearing little resemblance to what jon wrote.

    • David Nguyen

      It's coming. I hope this will be more fun than Tiny Towers because that game became quickly repetitive for me.

      • Cat Astrophy

        Not only that but easily exploitable by just changing your in-game clock.

    • Anonymous

      Hot Springs Story IS my least favorite of the Kairosoft games so far as well.  But, man do I get excited about these things. Loved Pocket Academy and Game Dev is still in my top 5 games of all time. 

      ALWAYS psyched for a new one of their games.  I'm hooked!

  • Albert Lee

    sexy. Gran Prix Story NOWZ!

  • Stéphane Lachance

    Aw seriously?! Haven't I given you guys enough of my money and time? Do your really need to make another game I'll have trouble putting down?

  • Stéphane Lachance

    Aw seriously?! Haven't I given you guys enough of my money and time? Do your really need to make another game I'll have trouble putting down?

  • Stéphane Lachance

    Aw seriously?! Haven't I given you guys enough of my money and time? Do your really need to make another game I'll have trouble putting down?

  • SK

    YAAAAAAAAAAAY! I love you, Kairosoft.

    • SK

      Shoot, I doubleposted. It's $5.18 for Android and I'm tempted to buy it and surreptitiously install it on a friend's phone even though I will have to re-buy it on iOS.

  • David

    again no native support for ipad..

  • The Truth

    am i the only one who thought tiny tower was an incredibly annoying grindfest without any depth whatsoever?

    • Lolwut

      that the reason they go freemium

      i rather pay for a game that at least fun to "grind" per se

    • Anonymous

      Nope, I'm with you - after the second night I realized it lacked something called fun.

    • Dib

      That's why this one may be a good one to buy.  Kairosoft make proper video games then sell them at a price which (hopefully) compensates them for the time, effort and talent that went into development.

      By not affixing their business model to virtual currency over IAP, they're free to design and balance their games for the sake of entertaining people--as opposed to creating artificial bottlenecks and grinding in order to steer players toward the store.  In other words, making games that are fun rather than platforms for bleeding money out of us.

  • Anonymous

    Excellent! Hey, Kairosoft should do a  "Theme Park  Story" or "RollerCoaster Story"..

    • David

      I second that. im a rollercoaster coaster tycoon big fan!

  • Anonymous

    darn this. just release game dev story 2

  • Massive Missive

    Needs Game Center support. I was disappointed that Pocket Academy doesn't have it. The only 'depth' I find in Tiny Tower is comparing towers with Game Center friends.

    • Lolwut

      in other words, it's psuedo-depth-which-kinda-pointless

  • Paul Toderas

    Pocket Academy was the weakest yet. I loved Game Dev and Hot Springs.

    • Phil Baxter

      Personally I've played a lot more Pocket Academy than Hot Springs, but Game Dev remains the best by far. Looking forward to Mega Mall Story.

  • John Usher

    I'd say.
    Game dev
    Pocket academy
    Hot springs
    But this mall game looks cool

  • Rae

    Im so freaking happy. I was hoping theyd release this game. I'm a tower, or store sim junkie.  

    I guess I'm the odd one out, I thought HSS was better than Game Developer. Both amazing next to the line-drawing crap out on the iOS though.

  • Paris Arrowsmith

    So syked about this, I wish the'd tell us WHEN rather than just 'soon'. 

  • Steve10

    I actually found that Pocket Academy was my favourite Kairosoft game, HSS felt like they had just released it as like the first version before Pocket Academy which felt like it had more depth of game play and more replayablility. Game Dev Story was of course my first Kairosoft game but it's second to me after PA now. 

  • David Larson

    You'de think that the next thing they'de port would be grand prix story.... since it HAS been already translated... however, It's great that we get this =D I'm looking forward to it!

  • Matt

    Basically in June iOS users got Pocket Academy first and Android users got Grand Prix Story first.  iOS users also seem like we'll be the first to get Mega Mall Story as well. Overall it seems like Kairosoft is more focused on iOS than Android. Who can blame them? iOS has more users who actually pay for apps. I'm kinda shocked they gave Android users anything first. But I'm sure they made more money off Pocket Academy for iOS than on Grand Prix for Android. Anyways I like all 3 of their major iOS titles. I got bored with Game Dev Story and Pocket Academy quicker than I have Hot Springs Story. Hot Springs Story to me provides more of an actual challenge with all these different contests.