Unity 3.4 Tech Demo ‘Angry Bots’ Available For Free

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Last week we post about all the latest advancements of the Unity 3.4 engine. Admittedly, reading feature lists for an engine isn’t the best way to get an idea of what it’s capable of, especially if you’re not already intimately familiar with it as a developer. Thankfully, Unity just released a totally free tech demo similar to Epic’s Epic Citadel surrounding the release of the Unreal Engine on iOS devices.

Unity’s answer is Angry Bots [Free] which unlike Epic Citadel is much more game-like. It’s a dual stick shooter that has a bit of a Dead Space vibe to it with your health bar on the back of your character. If you manage to die, the game takes hints from BioShock and spawns you at the nearest Vita Chamber-like point.

Despite the (hopefully tongue in cheek) name, Angry Bots is actually really cool. It’s not very difficult, but it’s not supposed to be a game, it’s a tech demo. I’m totally excited to see more games using the 3.4 engine, and you likely will be too after giving Angry Bots a try.

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    Angry Bots. Fun top-down 3D shooting game, explore an alien spaceship and clear it our from bots that have infested it.…
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