One of our favorite object avoidance games, Chaotic Boxes’ spectacularly flashy Silverfish [$1.99], is set to be released in HD on the iPad this Thursday, July 28. This new version of the game, dubbed Silverfish Max, will include all the content of the iPhone version we liked quite a bit, but it will also boast a new thing: iCade controller support.

Provided the implementation of the support is sound, the iCade controls should really pump up the experience. Silverfish is a super colorful, psychedelic, hectic, and particle-effect-laden game, just like one of its obvious inspiration, the Geometry Wars series, is as well. And like those games from their now-shuttered developer, Silverfish requires precision and speed, which is something a joystick easily provides.

But, hey, your fingers should work fine, too, if the previous game can be used as an indication of potential quality. This is the second title we’ve covered in as many days that has included iCade support. Hopefully, this is a trend. We need more quality titles for our fake little (and expensive) arcade machines.

  • The Frost

    Silverfish is one if the best casual frantic game on iOS, an absolute must have. 

  • Tim Lord Gek Jordan

    This came as such a neat surprise and Frank had previously indicated he just didn't have the time and resources to make this conversion!

    • Frank Condello

      This port didn't make much business sense but it gave me an excuse to play around with my iCade 😉

      I should also say that iCade support is somewhat experimental at this point. Getting a 4-way game to work well with an 8-way stick is trickier that it sounds. I've got a few more ideas to try out but feedback from iCade users will be appreciated!

  • Vanamonde

    Apart for the redone graphics and icade support, does the Max version add anything new compared to the iPhone version?

    • Frank Condello

      It has all the modes from the iPhone version plus an extra combined leaderboard. First release was focused on just getting it all running proper on iPad and adding iCade support.

  • Count Rackula

    I liked the game mechanics of silverfish but could never get over the control scheme. I don't think it is precise enough.  I would like to see an omnidirectional, relative touch control similar to that which is used in most shmups.

    • Frank Condello

      I know some folks aren't fond of the 4-way (Pac-Man/Snake style) control scheme but please don't mistake that for a lack of precision. You can turn on a dime, you just can't turn at any angle 😉

  • Vanamonde

    Got no problem with the swipe controls, work nicely on the phone. I forgot to ask, will the iPad version run nice on the original iPad? I'm a bit wary after the slugfest that was Monkey Island episode 1 from Telltale games.

    • Frank Condello

      Runs at 60 FPS on iPad 1 & 2 (I only have a first gen currently myself). I did add a bit of extra smoothing to the fluid fx for iPad 2 though, since it has the juice to handle it.