‘Battleheart’ Update To Add Two New Characters, Tweaks

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Battleheart [$2.99], as charming and as entertaining as it is, is sorta a one-and-done game — you beat it, appreciate it, and then you move on. Creator Mika Mobile, however, is attempting to rope us (and maybe even some new folks) back in with an update that’s currently worming its way through Apple approval as I write this post. The coolest and most surprising addition in the update is the introduction of two new classes: the Paladin and the Ranger. Two new classes!

As their names imply, the two will specialize in tanking and healing and hardcore damage at range, respectively. In a post on our forums, Mika Mobile expanded on this, adding that the goal was to make the Paladin a special kind of tank, as she sacrifices offensive entirely in service of healing the party and herself. The Ranger, in addition to being able to handle mobs, will also be able to direct enemies into the tank.

Tweaks are coming in this update, too, of course. The Barbarian has been re-tuned to be as powerful as the other specialized classes; if you complete a level with fewer characters, the remaining members will get a larger share of experience points; the spell Mortal Wounds has been replaced with “a cool … skill” called Bloodthirsty; and enemy healers will, thankfully, have finite mana going forward.

There’s more to see on the tweak front by taking a gander at the post.

Battleheart is easily one of the most enjoyable RPG-like battle games available on iOS, so definitely give our review a read if you somehow missed it. Man, I can’t wait to drop my other, less-new ranged dudes for a Ranger.

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