‘Super Mega Worm’ Now Supports The iCade And Joypad

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Super Mega Worm [$.99/Lite] is one of several games on the App Store that I think would be even better with peripheral support. And, hey, conveniently enough, it now supports two of the biggest, new-fangled controllers/apps on the market: the Joypad [Free] and iCade. This support comes packaged in a new update which rolls in a much-needed bug fix for the side-scrolling action game’s IAP, which was prone to crashing according to user reviews.

Also, if you’re still in the seasonal mood, Super Mega Worm vs. Santa [Free] also now supports both of these controllers since it’s been included in Super Mega Worm proper as of this update, too. Neat!

For those of you not on the controller beat, the iCade is a peripheral that looks like a mini screen-less arcade machine. Just plop your iPad in, pick one of the few games that supports the device, and enjoy using joystick and buttons. We reviewed it earlier this year, so you can check out our write-up if you want something a lot more specific than this. We also gave the Joypad, a multiple-controller extension that uses the iPhone, a good look, too.

Overall, we’d love to see more games adopt these alternate methods of control. Both devices flesh out the experience in non-standard, virtual stick iOS titles in satisfying ways. It’s always a win when a game supports either of them, but sadly, it doesn’t happen often enough.

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