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‘Silverfish’ Coming to the iPad as ‘Silverfish Max’ Really Soon

One of our favorite object avoidance games, Chaotic Boxes’ spectacularly flashy Silverfish [$1.99], is set to be released in HD on the iPad this Thursday, July 28. This new version of the game, dubbed Silverfish Max, will include all the content of the iPhone version we liked quite a bit, but it will also boast a new thing: iCade controller support.

Provided the implementation of the support is sound, the iCade controls should really pump up the experience. Silverfish is a super colorful, psychedelic, hectic, and particle-effect-laden game, just like one of its obvious inspiration, the Geometry Wars series, is as well. And like those games from their now-shuttered developer, Silverfish requires precision and speed, which is something a joystick easily provides.

But, hey, your fingers should work fine, too, if the previous game can be used as an indication of potential quality. This is the second title we’ve covered in as many days that has included iCade support. Hopefully, this is a trend. We need more quality titles for our fake little (and expensive) arcade machines.