On this week’s TAS, the Brad, Eli, and Jared discuss conspiracies, the sudden explosion of promising titles on the App Store, popes, and for the first time ever, answer Nintendo Hot Line e-mails that somehow, someway ended up in our own Tips Line inbox.

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  • JCman7

    There was one legitimate question there the one about the updates updating for days, this is actually a common issue lately. And happens to me constantly, the update blue bar will be almost to the end and it will not complete so here is the trick just restart your device (hold home button and lock button) and then when it turns back on the update will be complete. Its just some weird bug where the app is fully installed but it doesn't show it as complete

    But Nice podcast guys keep it up! I am enjoying it!

    • Anonymous

      I've had that issue a few times too. Restart didnt fix it for me though. Simply opening the appstore app and quitting it a couple of times is what fixed it for me.