This morning beloved developed Square Enix announced another iOS title via a cryptic teaser page:

What you're looking at is all we know about the game, we don't even know the title. I figured that potentially looking up Shinji Hashimoto or Motomu Toriyama might at least yield some clues as to what type of game this might be judging by their past work history. Unfortunately, they've both worked on a wide array of Square Enix titles, so even that isn't much help.

The French wording doesn't give off any clues either, which according to my wonderful in-house translator means, "The world is fake, dreams of the night are truth." I've got my fingers crossed for an iOS version of something similar to The World Ends With You, but I'm basing that off nothing more than I really want an iOS version of The World Ends With You.

In other news, still no word on either Chrono Trigger or Final Fantasy Tactics!

  • Paradiso

    TWEWY should've sucked for so many reasons, but it just worked. One of the better DS games out there.

  • Darwiniac

    I approve this.

  • Chaos_envoys

    let's guess when this game released!!!
    maybe in June? 😀

  • John Hood

    Colour me interested! 🙂

  • John

    The girl is hot!

  • Anonymous

    Hmm, I'm liking this. Obviously, I would like FF Tactics or Chrono Trigger as well, but getting some new IPs from big developers on the iPhone/iPad is exciting to me, especially a Square RPG.

    In the meantime, I will keep stocking up on the classic RPGs on my 3DS and through PSN on PSP - but I hope Square continues to support this platform with classic titles as well. I'm playing through Chrono Trigger right now and it's just so great. Modern JRPGs generally seem so weak in comparison to these classics.

  • Kaydiv

    An IOS version of TWEWY would be awesome. Dunno how they'd handle the dual-combat system, though. Maybe lower screen=touch controls, upper screen=tilt controls?

  • Andy Raczynski

    at least the ad mentions the ipad, so at least i can care and be curious.

  • Ashflow

    If this is a TWEWY spinoff/sequel/somethingelsethat'srelated game then my mind would seriously blow up. I recently thought about how awesome Tin Pin Slammer would be as its own (multiplayer) game on iOS. Think about it... wouldn't that be amazing? But a full game for iOS based on TWEWY would be epic. (And I know that I'm getting my hopes up, but i cant wait to find out more about this. My apologies for sounding like a fanboy.)

    I can't wait for Chrono Trigger, either. Gotta' love SE.

  • GunBlade1190

    I gotta say, the team up between the guy and the girl makes me a little more inclined to think it's Chaos Rings 2, but a new TWEWY title would be pretty awesome.

  • Anonymous

    TWEWY was great. An RPG with an interesting battle system, fashion-based equipment choices, the ability to influence fashion trends so you could get even better boosts from wearing the most popular clothes, and you could always work on boosting your courage stat high enough to crossdress.

    There should be an iOS port, or sequel, or something.

  • Philosonic

    Anybody else thinks that litle beast looks like a moogle?

  • NiKKoM

    It's a Adventure game book.... says so in the meta tags.. the 2 characters are called Shid and Shiera..

  • jonathan

    chronotrigger teaser updated to reflect 2011.04.25 release date:

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  • Sirkreuab

    You know for a long time I've been looking forward to war of the lions as I gave my psp to a friend shortly after it came out and fft is one of my fav games. But at this point with never any info and all these other games appearing left and right I think se has lost my money I just don't care anymore I've got better stuff to do. Playing games shouldn't mean mindgames with publishers

  • Depths of Despair

    Dunno don't wanna be a downer but I personally loved Chaos Rings and I think that's become the new standard of the rpg apps so if it's similar to the way they made that then I'm all down for it

  • twatson

    unrelated to the original topic but hell yes 3 hours til chrono trigger. (crosses fingers)

  • Anonymous

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