How About an iPhone 4 Wheel Accessory… With Speakers?

Early this morning Gizmodo spotted what might be the craziest iPhone accessory I’ve seen yet. Creating steering-wheel attachments for iOS devices is nothing new, in fact, we reviewed one a while back and found that it basically added nothing to the experience aside from a piece of plastic to lug around. For ¥1,599 (roughly $19 USD) you can now get a steering wheel with with speakers that are actually powered by a Nokia battery (sold separately, oddly enough).

Even though the whole steering wheel attachment thing might not add that much to the game, I can’t help but think a (comparatively) huge set of powered speakers hooked up to your iPhone 4 while playing a game like Real Racing 2 [$6.99] might do something for you. Although that “something" might just amount to annoying everyone nearby.

[Gizmodo via IT Media]